MINOX GB Ltd awarded exclusive Distribution rights for CULLMANN TITAN and CONCEPT ONE in UK/Eire

MINOX GB Ltd has recently assumed exclusive responsibility for the distribution of CULLMANN TITAN tripods/heads and CONCEPT ONE Accessories for UK/Eire.

Founded in 1968 in Langenzenn, Germany, CULLMANN is well known manufacturer renowned for practical, high-quality photographic and video accessories.

CULLMANN products are designed with the needs of the user first and foremost in mind; all products are then further developed and refined in close co-operation with experienced photo-professionals. Cullmann products are distinguished by their straightforward and well thought-out design; long service-life and functionality are ensured by the exclusive use of high-quality materials throughout.

As the names suggests, CULLMANN TITAN tripods are extremely robust, built without compromise having been specifically developed for use with medium format or professional DSLR cameras, powerful telephoto lenses, or video cameras. TITAN’s inherent rugged stability and many highly practical features will appeal especially to both studio and outdoor photographers or videographers who need to work with heavy professional cameras and powerful telephoto lenses.
Users will appreciate the simplicity and ergonomic design of the TITAN system; the tripod can be set-up in less than three seconds without the user having to stoop. TITAN tripod legs comprise just two-parts, fully waterproof seals prevent the ingress of water or dirt and mean the tripod can be used in up to 50 cm of water or mud. Sturdy rubber bumpers can be quickly replaced with solid metal spikes. All TITAN tripods are proudly made in Germany and come with a full 20-year warranty.

The following products comprise TITAN range:
Two new tripods with either self-locking crank column or air-damped sliding centre column.
•    A monopod
•    Four new ball-heads
•    Two TITAN 2-way heads
•    A strong padded Titan tripod bag is for transport of a single tripod and tripod head

All TITAN tripod heads are fitted with the new CULLMANN quick-release camera coupling system CONCEPT ONE.

CONCEPT ONE is an entirely new quick-release camera coupling system that ensures a secure mounting base and precise camera adjustment. The CONCEPT ONE OX Series comprises six sigh stability and ergonomic products. Included are two new quick-release units, a standard QRS camera-plate and QRS adjusting plates of two different lengths, and a uniquely designed “Pin-Lock” camera plate. CONCEPT ONE has been designed for use with medium-sized and heavy cameras fitted with powerful lenses. All CONCEPT ONE products include a full 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Thorsten Kortemeier, CEO of MINOX GmbH said: “....there is such great synergy between CULLMANN and MINOX and we look forward to developing our partnership with CULLMANN in the UK.....”

Ian Spicer of MINOX GB Ltd said: “Titan is a unique product rich in quality and purpose from tip to toe. My team are looking forward to presenting this product Dealers who service serious photographic amateurs and professionals in the industry”

The inclusion of CULLMANN TITAN and CONCEPT ONE adds further width to the MINOX GB Ltd’s UK Distribution portfolio which already includes: the full range of MINOX Sport & Marine Optics, Digital Photographic instruments such as the Classic Camera, Action Cam and Trail Cams plus Artisan and Artist, and Jobo.

Any Dealers, Press and Independent Journalists who wish require further details, who wish to Test / Review, or who would like a demonstration of the new CULLMANN TITAN / CONCEPT ONE products are invited to contact:

Ian Spicer
960 Capability Green
Luton, Bedfordshire,

Tel.: +44 (0) 1582 635 544
Fax: +44 (0) 1582 635 244
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