Product Overview

For the discerning and passionate nature observer, a high quality spotting scope is an essential tool for observing and identifying the finest details of wildlife. MINOX Spotting Scopes are reasonably light in weight and powerful – perfect for the discrete viewing of any distant object be it an insect, flower, animal or bird.

All MINOX spotting scopes feature high quality glass to guarantee bright images and absolutely neutral color rendition, even in critical light conditions.

MD 60 Z & MD 80 Z

The request of many hunters and nature observers for compact, yet high-quality scopes has now been met by MINOX with the launch of its two new and innovative spotting scopes, the MD 60 Z and the MD 80 Z. Using a new designed lens mirror system MINOX engineers have now created an even more compact model that is 20% shorter than the conventional spotting scopes. Fitted with an infinitely adjustable eyepiece for 12-40 or 20-60-times magnification these new straight spotting scopes offer even more flexibility and ultra mobility.

MD 62 & MD 62 W

When binoculars do not offer the magnification needed in the field, the MINOX MD 62 spotting scopes are the perfect substitutes for discrete observations of distant objects. The MD 62 ED spotting scopes feature state-of-the-art fluoride glass to guarantee absolutely neutral colour rendition and excellent light transmission.

MD 50 & MD 50 W

The unusually compact design, variable power optical system and high precision mechanics are characteristics of the MD 50 and MD 50 W spotting scopes revered by wildlife specialists around the globe. With a magnifcation range of 15x to 30x, these spotting scopes are ideal for use in any situation.

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