Product Overview

BinocularsSpotting Scopes

MINOX binoculars guarantee detailed viewing. They combine the classic MINOX values of highest optical performance and mechanical precision in a compact design.

MINOX spotting scopes are convenient companions for every hunter and observer. Even in twilight conditions their optical system provides excellent imaging results.

Night VisionMacroscopes

When binoculars even with top light-gathering power and high twilight factor approach their optical limits, it’s time for the ultra-compact night vision devices from MINOX.

These unique compact mini telescopes with their extremely short close-focus distance conveniently open up the fascinating world of the macro range to the user.

MonocularsSurveillance Cameras

The pocket-telescopes: MINOX Monoculars are ideal companions for all those who appreciate lightweight equipment but do not want to miss any of the action.

Your hunting grounds always in sight - the MINOX DTC wildlife cameras featuring a black filter in front of the powerful IR flash, makes them completely invisible to animals and people.