Monocular with integrated altimeter

For over 75 years, MINOX has been known for technical innovation in subminiature format. Once again, qualities that made MINOX famous are found in the ultra-compact and robust design of these miniature telescopes. The brilliant optics, shape, color and intelligent design of these monoculars are directly evocative of the legendary MINOX spy cameras. With the MD 6x16, MD 6x16 A and MD 8x16, MINOX has introduced the smallest pocket telescopes in the world.

With the introduction of the MD 6x16 A, our engineers have been able to integrate an electronic module to provide additional features especially interesting for lovers of the outdoors. The easy to read LCD display on the top of the metal housing enables a quick reading of the data like air pressure, temperature, time and altitude.

With a close focus range of 1.5 m, even butterflies can be carefully observed in their immediate surroundings without being disturbed. With an unusually large field of view of 140 m., these tough mococulars are also perfect for viewing distant objects.

Equipped with a neck strap and a practical case, the MINOX MD 6x16, MD 6x16 A and MD 8x16 are the ideal companions for all those who appreciate lightweight equipment but do not want to miss out on any of the action. Thanks to the easy one-hand operation, these mini telescopes can be used for almost any occasion - at sports events, on hiking trips, at the opera or in a theater.