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Product Information

pdf MINOX DTC 1000 (EN) pdf 609 KB Download

Instruction Manual

pdf MINOX DTC 1000 (DE, EN, FR) pdf 1.4 MB Download

Press Release

doc Press Release DTC 1000 (EN) doc 123 KB Download
doc Pressemitteilung DTC 1000 (DE) doc 123 KB Download

Firmware Update

Please carefully follow these instructions before updating the firmware on your MINOX DTC 1000

  • Unzip the file using a suitable program like WinZip, 7-Zip or similar.
  • Copy the unzipped firmware files (.elf und .bin) into the root directory of a formatted SD card (do not copy them into a separate folder of the SD card).
  • Insert the SD card into your DTC 1000 as described in the instruction manual.
  • Push the UP arrow button (11) and do not let go. At the same time, push the main switch (12) to SET.
  • As soon as the blue LED (3) on the front of the camera begins to blink, you can let go of the UP arrow button (11). The LED (3) will continue to blink until the firmware update has been completed.

Important note:

Make sure that the batteries are full before beginning with the update procedure. It is very important that the camera does not turn off during this procedure as this will damage your camera and void your warranty.

You can only use the new Setup Tool contained in the firmware update to set your DTC 1000 from now on. Do not use the previous Setup Tool to make settings with your camera after the update has been made.

Download the DTC 1000 Firmware Update (.zip file - 3 MB)