Efficient, reliable and extremely discreet indispensable for nature observation

The demand for wildlife cameras is gladly on the rise, especially for lovers of nature. This is because they have proven themselves a very handy tool to monitor and observe wildlife in their environments.

With the MINOX wildlife cameras, you can literally observe animal movements at all times and around the clock. Discreet, intelligent and efficient, the MINOX wildlife camera is an extremely helpful, efficient and reliable tool for all types of nature observation.

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Overview Surveillance Cameras

NEW - DTC 1000NEW - DTC 600 - Camo

The new MINOX DTC 1000 with GSM function. With its built-in wireless module, the MINOX DTC 1000 is capable of simultaneously sending the recorded photos directly to your cell phone or PC.

Die new DTC 600 - Now in Camouflage! For an even greater inconspicuous use, the DTC 600 has been modified with a camouflage look and will soon be available.
DTC 600  in brown DTC 600 in Grey

Small and compact, this new MINOX DTC 600 also features a black filter in front of the powerful IR flash, making it completely invisible to animals and people.
Whether for monitoring a house and garden, weekend cottage, boats, company premises etc., the DTC 600 is perfect for documenting activities discretely and inconspicuously, and thanks to its black filter in front of the IR flash, it is completely invisible to people.