Quality, precision, durability and reliability, all at an outstanding price-performance ratio.

Deciding which riflescope to own can be daunting. Perhaps the single-most important hunting gear you’ll ever purchase - there are dozens of brands from which to choose, each with seemingly endless choices of models at widely varying prices and each claiming the “best” this or the “most” that.

At MINOX, we’ve simplified the process by distinguishing MINOX riflescopes from the rest - by creating riflescopes with the features hunters want most. MINOX riflescopes are designed in Germany and assembled in the USA. Each riflescope is crafted from lightweight, incredibly tough aircraft-grade anodized aluminium and features standard one inch mono-tube construction for easy, low-profile mounting. High-tech glass elements from leading manufacturers, fully multi-coated lens elements, precise windage and elevation adjustments, up to 5 times magnification zoom ranges and Argon gas purging are further requirements needed for the uncompromising shooter.

Plus, MINOX backs each riflescope with a comprehensive 30-year Comfort Service and the heritage of one of Germany’s premier sport optics companies - MINOX riflescopes stand distinctly alone in providing uncompromising value for your money.

MINOX Comfort Service


From the date of registration, your product will be protected against manufacturing defects and functional failures for a duration of 30 years. Please remember, your product must be registered within 30 days from the date of purchase.