MINOX cooperation with Artisan & Artist – manufacturer of high quality camera cases and accessories

MINOX, the traditional German optics specialist, is now responsible for the distribution of Artisan & Artist – a renowned manufacturer of high quality camera bags and accessories – in Germany, England and the United States.

Artisan & Artist products are manufactured from the very finest materials using centuries-old techniques, and ideally complement MINOX’s long-standing tradition that is based on an ingenious idea and original craftsmanship. At the same time, MINOX is expanding its range of camera bags, straps and accessories.

Artisan & Artist products are distinguished by a love for detail and are well known for their ergonomic design, practical use and comfort. These features are valued particularly highly by users who often have to carry their photo equipment around with them for days, in search of the perfect subject matter.

Only the very finest materials are used for Artisan & Artist products, such as exquisite Italian leather from Tuscany, fine silk from China or sturdy Japanese canvas. These materials are then combined using unconventional manufacturing methods that are rich in tradition.

For generations Tuscany has been home to the world’s best tanneries where leather is processed to perfection. Here the ever-ready case “Indigo Blue” is an absolute highlight. For this product the leather is put through a special and intricate dyeing process called “Aizome” that awards the product its unmistakable color.

For their final touch all bags are hand polished to bring out the characteristic structure of the leather and provide the surface with a firm grip and elegant sheen.

When making its camera straps and cords Artisan & Artist uses an ancient braiding technique in which strands of silk are layered in a defined sequence. This special braiding method produces extremely stable, tear-resistant straps that can breathe and have an individual touch. Because of their stability these cords were also used as a component in armor and swords for Samurai warriors, and are still used today for Sumo wrestler belts.

Artisan & Artist products have been manufactured using these traditional crafts since 1998 and they perfectly complement the most treasured item of photographers – their camera.

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