MINOX BN 7x50: the classic nautical marine binoculars

The new BN 7x50 from MINOX is the flagship and basic class in the NAUTIK LINE. Fitted with a high quality optical system these classic marine  binoculars offer high light transmission and provide a brighter image right into twilight conditions. The innovative and ergonomic design comes with a robust and non-slip housing to enable fast and secure handling, making the BN 7x50 the perfect companion for water sports or navigation activities at sea.

The new MINOX BN 7x50 features precision design optics in which porro prisms provide higher light transmission. The user additionally benefits from an image with enhanced three-dimensional effect. This enables a more accurate estimate of the position and distance of objects in the field of view an advantage greatly appreciated by water sports enthusiasts. The practical individual eyepiece adjustment also offers pin-sharp definition from 12 meters to infinity.

The extremely rugged rubber armoring on the new BN 7x50 provides a non-slip grip and guarantees watertightness to a depth of up to 5 meters.

A nitrogen filling additionally protects against corrosion on the inside and fogging up of the inner glass-air surfaces. This keeps the optical systems clear and fully operational even in the event of extreme temperature fluctuations. The MINOX BN 7x50 comes with a practical float strap and is available from specialist dealers in a black or white design.