Outstanding MINOX versatility and value: The new tactical ZA HD Riflescopes

After the successful launch of the riflescope range more than 4 years ago, MINOX has now extended its expertise in this field and is proud to announce the new ZA HD tactical line.

Developed in Germany, the new ZA HD’s are specifically geared to the needs and requirements of the hunter and deer-stalker. The new tactical ZA HD variations offer an exceptionally high degree of precision, quality and reliability; all are equipped with “RTA” (Rapid Target Acquisition) technology and High Definition (HD) glass; a selection of ZA HD models are also available with illuminated reticles; the new ZA HD models are ideal for all forms of daylight deer-stalking or for raised hide use at dawn and dusk, offering stalkers an even faster target acquisition at the crucial moment when needed.

Equipped with a 30mm or 1” inch tube (model dependent) and a 5x magnification range, the ZA HD tactical models are suitable for all applications and budgets. The Rapid Target Acquisition system enables the user to quickly assess the full field of view and to quickly find the target, thus ensuring that full concentration is maintained on the target. The RTA feature also provides a significant reduction in vignetting of the light beams in the field of view creating a clear image and an undisturbed full field of view.

Some models of the new tactical ZA HD line are also equipped with a brilliant red dot in 6 levels of brightness within a sharp, precise reticle. The illuminated reticle can be switched off at any intermediate stage between brightness settings, enabling the user to pre-set the desired illumination level correctly. An extended eye relief of approximately 4 inches (100 mm) offers a great benefit for users who wear glasses or with use on magnum calibers.

The new tactical ZA HD riflescopes include variable zoom settings and easily adjustable eyepieces. MINOX’s HD glass and proprietary M* coating, (a 21-layer coating on the glass surfaces adapted to the different wavelengths of visible light) facilitates high contrast, crisp details and natural colour rendition. The special HD glass used in all models allows anomalous partial dispersion, which improves colour correction and higher rates of light transmission.

A shock resistant housing made of aviation-grade anodized aluminium protects the high quality optics and reliable precision mechanics. Argon gas purging prevents fogging and reduces corrosion on the inside of the scope.

The following models are available:

MINOX ZA 5i HD 1.2-6x24 TAC     
MINOX ZA 5i HD 3-15x50 SF TAC     
MINOX ZA 5i HD 5-25x56 SF TAC