Monday, 12.August 2013

SoCal Bowhunter from the MINOX Adventure Team - MINOX BL 8x44

Hunting the West involves locating your animal by burning boot rubber and using great optics. Glassing is one of the key components to successfully locating game. I am priveledged to announce I am teaming up with MINOX Sport Optics by joing the MINOX Adventure Team. I am in excellent company with other team members like Mark at Sole Adventure, Dustin at High Country Bowhunter, and Randall at

Wednesday, 08.May 2013

MINOX BV 10x42 tested on Mallorca

I recently purchased a pair of MINOX BV 10x42 Binoculars. I had the pair delivered and received excellent service from the company.

The binoculars have a 6.5 degree field of view and a close focus of just over a metre. With the 10x42 specification this is excellent for bird watching and butterflies. The image, even on dull days, is bright and the colour is very natural. There is some very occasional chromatic aberration but I can live with that! They are waterproof in line with most quality brands today.

Monday, 15.April 2013

Daniel Kurbiel von Polaar – MINOX Suntimer

Nach mehr als 50 Tagen auf See im Herzen der Arktis, gelang es uns, die Nordwestpassage zu durchqueren. Meine Familie und ich hatten die Nordwestpassage bereits einmal von Westen nach Osten bezwungen. Nun erfolgte die Durchquerung von Osten nach Westen, wie bei Roald Amundsen vor 50 Jahren. Während der Expedition entdeckten wir verschiedene Flechtenarten. Einige davon waren älter als 1.000 Jahre alt.

Wednesday, 27.February 2013

Jagdautor Magnus Pelz schwört auf MINOX - weltweit

In meiner Eigenschaft als Jagdautor bereise ich die ganze Welt. Jagen unter teilweise extremen Wetter- und Klimabedingungen gehört zu meinem Alltag. Meine Ausrüstung muss Hitze und Kälte, Feuchtigkeit, Regen und Schnee aushalten.

Tuesday, 19.February 2013 tests the MINOX APO HG 8x43 - High quality but inexpensive

Minox upgraded the lineup of its high level binoculars. Right now the series HG (High Grade) comprises of six models. The main innovation is in the field of view (FOV), which is now 15% larger than in the previous models.

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