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The MINOX BF 10x25 is the clear winner!

Searching for compact binoculars, I made multiple trips to three different sporting goods stores and tried out nine different models from seven different companies. Taking into account size and portability, optics, build quality, and price, MINOX was the clear winner! Mr. Alan H. is also the finest customer service rep I have ever dealt with!


Taiwan Archery Team Tests the MINOX MD 50 W During Olympic Games in London

In 2011, the Taiwanese national archery team's coach was offered a MINOX MD 50 W spotting scope to view the targets after the shots have been made.

The coach’s requirement was that there must be no fogging inside the spotting scope when using it from 6 to 10 a.m., where the temperatures increase by 10°C on a typical sunny day in winter.


MINOX BN 7x50 DCM - A decent pair of binoculars are vital when sailing

Another crew member.

It’s coming up to 7pm and we are on the start line of the Royal Southampton Yacht Club’s Corona Extra Double-Handed overnight race to Weymouth. The atmosphere is tense. With just two sailors on board each yacht there is a lot to do and to take in. On the start line of a race the first thing to do is determine is the angle of the start line compared to the angle of the wind and decide on starting tactics—which end of the line should we start at, which tack should we be on? The next is to pinpoint a fixed position by taking bearings to the shore to allow a few practice runs to the line. All of this gives confidence so that start countdown begins we can approach the line at speed in the right place and on time.

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