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MINOX BV 10x42 tested on Mallorca

I recently purchased a pair of MINOX BV 10x42 Binoculars. I had the pair delivered and received excellent service from the company.

The binoculars have a 6.5 degree field of view and a close focus of just over a metre. With the 10x42 specification this is excellent for bird watching and butterflies. The image, even on dull days, is bright and the colour is very natural. There is some very occasional chromatic aberration but I can live with that! They are waterproof in line with most quality brands today.


Daniel Kurbiel (Polaar) – MINOX Suntimer

After more than 50 days at sea in the heart of the Arctic, we were able to cross the Northwest Passage. My family and I had already crossed it from the west to the east. This time we were crossing it from the east to the west, as Roald Amundsen did 50 years ago. During the expedition, we discovered several species of lichens. Some of them were older than 1,000 years.

2013-02-19 tests the MINOX APO HG 8x43 - High quality but inexpensive

Minox upgraded the lineup of its high level binoculars. Right now the series HG (High Grade) comprises of six models. The main innovation is in the field of view (FOV), which is now 15% larger than in the previous models.


The MINOX BF 10x25 is the clear winner!

Searching for compact binoculars, I made multiple trips to three different sporting goods stores and tried out nine different models from seven different companies. Taking into account size and portability, optics, build quality, and price, MINOX was the clear winner! Mr. Alan H. is also the finest customer service rep I have ever dealt with!


Taiwan Archery Team Tests the MINOX MD 50 W During Olympic Games in London

In 2011, the Taiwanese national archery team's coach was offered a MINOX MD 50 W spotting scope to view the targets after the shots have been made.

The coach’s requirement was that there must be no fogging inside the spotting scope when using it from 6 to 10 a.m., where the temperatures increase by 10°C on a typical sunny day in winter.

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