Tuesday, 30.October 2012

Built for Comfort - Birdwatch.co.uk Reviews the MINOX BL 8x33

MINOX's latest addition to its birding optics range is light, comfortable and certainly impressed Mike Alibone when he field tested the model.

There are some binoculars which feel instantly comfortable when you raise them to your eyes for the first time, and for me, the MINOX BL 8x33 is one of those models.

With its rather simple, unpatterned charcoal-coloured body and trademark notched eyecups, this small binocular is instantly recongnisable as a Minox product. It is one of a number of relatively new open-bridge models which form the basis of the manufacturerer's BL range. It weighs 650 g but feels lighter, with the thin layer of soft, non-slip rubber covering the polycarbonate body helping to keep the weight to a minimum, while lending an impression of solidity and durability.

Wednesday, 25.July 2012

American Hunter Magazines tests the Minox ZA3 3x-9x-40mm

The German-designed but American-made Minox ZA3 is powerful, rugged and affordable.

Half a century ago it was common to buy optics made entirely under one roof, but that’s rare in these days of specialization. Grinding lenses is very different than multi-coating lenses, and both are very different than making scope tubes or binocular bodies. So a common manufacturing strategy is to engineer optics in-house, then have the parts made to the company’s specifications in various factories. The parts are then shipped to an assembly plant, its location often depending not just on the price of labor but import duties and shipping costs.

Tuesday, 10.July 2012

Deutsche Jagdzeitung testet MINOX ZA5 4-20x50

Wer den Namen Minox hört, denkt an Ferngläser und Kameras. Zielfernrohre gehörten bislang nicht zum Programm. Jetzt steigen die Wetzlarer mit einer ganzen Serie dort ein. Wir haben das Flaggschiff 4-20 x 50 getestet – ein echter Vergrößerungshammer! Minox ZA5 4-20 x 50.

Friday, 25.May 2012

Test - MINOX Wildkamera DTC 500

Handlicher Spion - Kompakt, leistungsstark und zuverlässig soll die neue Wildkamera des Optikunternehmens MINOX sein. Im Pirsch-Revier musste sie ihre Qualitäten unter Beweis stellen.

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