Tuesday, 22.January 2013

MINOX HG 8x43 - Best Binoculars Reviews - Best Wildlife Observation & Hunting Binocular 2012

Winner in 2011 and once again in 2012, the Minox HG 8x43 scored a hugely impressive 87% overall on the Best Binocular Reviews Ratings scale, that included a 10/10 for body construction quality. So you just know that these water and fog proof binoculars are extremely well made and easily tough enough to handle pretty much whatever you throw at them whilst you are out there in the wild.

As well as this, at only 650g (22.9oz), these are one of THE lightest full sized binoculars that I have ever reviewed, this combined with their well made and well padded neck strap will make them as comfortable as possible even if you have to carry them with you all day.

Tuesday, 11.December 2012

Das MINOX BN 7x50 DCM getestet - Praxismagazin Segeln 1/2013

In einem Tiderevier mit zahlreichen Untiefen und starken Strömungen ist es wichtig, die richtige Tonne zu "treffen". Das MINOX hilft bei der Identifizierung - und kann sogar Kompasspeilungen für die Navigation speichern.

Tuesday, 11.December 2012

County Deer Stalking - MINOX Binocular Review BL 8x44

In the past Minox have perhaps not been the first Brand to spring to the mind of UK Deer Stalkers when considering a pair of Binoculars however whether it be for Camera's, spotting scopes or Binoculars they have always had a reputation for quality.

It seems however that times may be changing with Minox now having set their sights firmly on the Field Sports and Deer Stalking market.

Not having reviewed a Minox product before but being aware of their reputation I was delighted when they offered to send me a pair of their 8x44 Binoculars from their BL range and more than a little excited at the prospect of giving them a try.

My first impressions of these Bino's were that they are remarkably light weight. Weighing only a little over 800g (strap and eye covers included) and being just 15cm in length they are very practical and easy to carry. Whilst this isn't the most important thing in a pair of Bino's it certainly does help, especially when already loaded down with a rifle, shooting sticks and all the other accoutrements that many deer stalkers tend to carry.

Monday, 12.November 2012

MINOX DTC 600 im Test

Revierkameras erfreuen sich steigender Beliebtheit: Erlauben sie doch Einblicke ins Revier, die sonst nur mit viel Zeit und Aufwand möglich sind. Das neuste Modell von MINOX heißt DTC 600 und war im Revier von Büchenmacher-Auto André Niederée mehrere Monate im Einsatz.

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