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Outdoor Life tested the MINOX ZP8 1-8x24

This huge, precise optic is a wonderful example of the increasingly popular battle-scope configuration. With an impressive 8x power range, the MINOX zooms from extreme wide angle (too wide, we thought) up to useful magnifications for precision work out to 500 yards. The exposed turrets are tight, and the first-plane reticle has an innovative illumination feature that lights either the center crosshairs or the entire reticle, depending on magnification. Built on a 34mm tube, the 25-ounce ZP8 is lighter than it appears.


The MINOX ZE 5i 3-15x56 SF tested in Hungary (in original language)

On hunts during the most challenging lighting conditions, the ZE 5is 3-15x56 SF tested very well.


MINOX DTC 650 and DTC 1000 in Comparison Test

With so many camera trap makes and models now available, advances in technology and (in general) a reduction in price, camera trapping has become a pastime for anyone and everyone to enjoy. Here I have a more detailed look at some of the makes and models on the market, features to look out for and how best to set your camera trap up.

Camera trapping can be phenomenally satisfying and a really enjoyable pastime. The buzz when you remove your SD card and flick through the images is something I will never tire of, as there is frequently a surprise waiting. Camera traps, or trail cameras as they are also known, have gone from expensive scientific kit to garden toy in a very short space of time. Increasingly they are being used for scientific and professional ecological monitoring but their affordability, durability and technological advancement have made them just as rewarding to use at home or on your local patch. In this article I will generally focus on the more affordable models rather that the higher priced scientific ones such as Reconyx.


MINOX ZP8 1-8x24mm Tactical Scope – SHOT Show Optic Preview

MINOX is one of the oldest names in the optic business. At SHOT 2015, MINOX USA introduced an entirely new tactical line of scopes, binoculars and spotting scopes. The MINOX tactical scopes are built by Optronica in Germany. Optronica was the actual manufacturer of the scopes for the now defunct Primer Reticles. Their 3-15x56mm design was selected for the Marine Corps version of the KAC M110 semi-auto 7.62x51mm sniper rifle.


MINOX ZP8 and ZP5 TAC Rifle Scopes

MINOX of Germany has introduced three new rifle scopes in their new ZP TAC line, marketed as a “High End Tactical” line of optics. The versions include the ZP8 and the ZP5 in two magnification options. These new scopes are particularly designed for professional military or law enforcement snipers and the rigors and stringent requirements those shooters must have to be successful. However, the ZP TAC scopes have many features that serious shooters can appreciate as well. MINOX optics have a reputation for superior quality and craftsmanship, and the new models appeared to be clear examples of that level of product commitment.

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