Friday, 25.April 2014

MINOX BD 7×28 Binocular Review

The Minox BD 7×28 is a unique binocular… and that’s not a distinction many can claim. Designed by Volkswagen, the slimline barrels linked by a narrow but very solid metal bridge high on the instrument makes it look incredibly sleek and modern. It leaves almost the entire barrel exposed for a really comfortable wrap-around grip (what Minox calls its “Comfort Bridge” design). Optically it’s excellent… with one caveat… you can’t focus both barrels at the same time.

Friday, 25.April 2014

MINOX BV 8×25 BRW Binocular Review

There’s no doubt that the Minox BV 8×25 is an accomplished little compact binocular. It does a lot of things very well, but I can’t shake the feeling that it should deliver a little more “punch” in terms of overall image quality.

While it is certainly very compact, and feels extremely robust, the single hinge design means it can’t fold down like dual hinge compacts do — and that makes it a lot less pocketable. For me that diminishes its usefulness as a carry-anywhere binocular, which is the only reason I’d choose a compact. On the flip side the single hinge design is less “fiddly” in use, means your binoculars are always ready, and makes them feel much more like “real” binoculars in the hand.

Wednesday, 19.February 2014

MINOX BV 10x25 Binoculars Review

MINOX 10x25 BV Optics

As I do with all my reviews, to get an objective opinion, I compared the view through these with my benchmark compact binoculars, that have a configuration of 10x26.

Image Quality

The image produced was as clear and sharp as my benchmark, contrast was also about the same, which means that they are above average and as good as or better than any in their price range. The colour reproduction for a compact was good and the amount of colour fringing (chromatic aberration) around the edges of a dark object when viewed in front of a light background was extremely minimal, but no more than other binoculars in this class and only noticeable if you are really searching for it.

Thursday, 30.January 2014

NV 351 getestet - Schweizer Jäger 12/2013

Es werde Licht ...

Jagdliche Erfahrungen mit dem MINOX Nachtsichtgerät NV 351

Die Firma MINOX, bekannt durch die James Bond Kameras, bietet seit einigen Monaten eine Try and Buy Aktion für ihr neues Nachtsichtgerät an. Der "Schweizer Jäger" möchte Licht ins Dunkel bringen und hat es für Sie getestet.

Friday, 10.January 2014

MINOX DTC 1000 Trail Camera Review

Overall Minox have once again produced an excellent trail camera that definitely improves upon their already excellent previous models.

It is tough, waterproof and the batter life is excellent and I love the ability to be able to send any captured images to your phone or e-mail address all of which mean that you can leave it out on location over very long periods of time with complete confidence.

The improvement in the video quality along with the fact that it now also records sound is excellent as this was something that I mentioned as being a shortfall on the DTC 600.

So in my opinion if you are looking for a tough, high quality trail camera, the Minox DTC 1000 is up there with the very best.

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