MINOX Repair Service

We are especially proud to offer repairs for products that are no longer in production or have been discontinued long ago. In some cases, we have stored spare parts over decades, resulting in the corresponding additional costs. Nevertheless, it is important for us to offer you this service for your older devices

For a cost evaluation of products that have been discontinued, please send your MINOX device to one of the following addresses with a detailed description of the problems. Please use the form if you send your product to a MINOX address.


  P.O. Box 123
  Meriden, NH 03770

  Tel.: +1-866-469-3080 (in USA)
  Tel.: +1-603-287-4840 (from Canada)
  Fax: +1-603-469-3471

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  D.A.G. Camera Repair
  2128 Vintage Drive
  Oregon, Wi. 53575

  Tel.: +1-608-835-3342

  Please note: we repair ONLY 8x11 and 35mm MINOX cameras made in Germany.
  We do not repair MINOX digital cameras.


  MINOX GB Limited
  Technical Service
  Basepoint Business Centre
  110 Butterfield
  Great Marlings, Luton
  LU2 8DL Bedfordshire
  United Kingdom

  Tel.: +44 (0)1582 434 383
  Mail: info@minox.co.uk

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  PO Box 113
  Unit 113 Hill House
  210 Upper Richmond Road
  London SW15 6NP

  +44 (0)208-246-5506


  Please note: we repair ONLY 8x11 and 35mm MINOX cameras made in Germany.
  We do not repair MINOX digital cameras.


  MINOX GmbH (Werk 2)
  Technical Service
  Wilhelm-Loh-Str. 1
  D-35578 Wetzlar

  Tel.: +49-6441-917-682
  Fax: +49-6441-917-612
  Mail: info@minox.com

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  Kameraservice Schäfer OHG
  Moritzstr. 47
  65185 Wiesbaden

  Tel.: +49-6127-9929730
  Fax.: +49-6127-9929731

  Please note: we repair ONLY 8x11 MINOX cameras made in Germany.
  We do not repair MINOX digital cameras.