MINOX BL 10x44 Tradeoff

It’s hard to believe that when I moved to California nearly a decade ago, I thought any binoculars would work for hunting out here. After suffering through headaches, frustration at not being able to see game, and not completely understanding what I was doing wrong, I finally talked to some folks and learned so much about the proper use of quality optics. Here's a look at what I currently use (left) and what I came to Cali with (right).

Back in NY, I really had no need, or desire to scan far off places in search of wild game to hunt. I could simply walk into the woods, set up in a treestand, and wait. How times have changed for me! Now I must scan the landscape for hours in search of game to pursue. To be honest, I love it! Hunting whitetail will always be one of my favorite things to do, but hunting mule deer in the high desert is such an exciting experience.

I passed my old binoculars on to my daughter because I know she won't be viewing wildlife as often as I, but little did I know that once she tried my 10x44s, she wanted to use them all the time! The old ones stay in the case and she asks me to use my pair when we hike. The same goes for many of my friends. They try my binoculars out and are amazed at the quality and design. I warned them they would be hooked and sure enough, I was right!

Al Quackenbush
The SoCal Bowhunter

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