MINOX BV 10x42 tested on Mallorca

I recently purchased a pair of MINOX BV 10x42 Binoculars. I had the pair delivered and received excellent service from the company.
The binoculars have a 6.5 degree field of view and a close focus of just over a metre. With the 10x42 specification this is excellent for bird watching and butterflies. The image, even on dull days, is bright and the colour is very natural. There is some very occasional chromatic aberration but I can live with that! They are waterproof in line with most quality brands today.

I used them in Mallorca and could pick out eye ring colour of birds at 100+ metres easily. They weigh around 800g and I didn’t feel they were over heavy when walking 8km with them hanging on my chest. (For women of slight build, I’d recommend the 8x32 which I used to have; they have a wide FOV and close focus and are lighter.) Focus is smooth and precise, and locating objects to view is easy with practice. Eye lens cover is supplied but none for the objective lenses. But there is of course a carrying case.

What especially impresses me about MINOX is the 3yr warranty and a 30yr replacement policy thereafter (if fault is the manufacturers). I am not aware of other companies who are so generous! When dealing with the MINOX Product Consultant by email I felt he was knowledgeable and extremely helpful.

Eric Nicholson

Gateshead, UK