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Daniel Kurbiel (Polaar) MINOX Suntimer

Our expedition to the Canadian Arctic had three main goals:

  • To discover new lichens and microorganisms
  • To explore the geo-magnetic North Pole and the mythical Northwest Trail
  • To test our skin care products in extreme conditions.

After more than 50 days at sea in the heart of the Arctic, we were able to cross the Northwest Passage. My family and I had already crossed it from the west to the east. This time we were crossing it from the east to the west, as Roald Amundsen did 50 years ago. During the expedition, we discovered several species of lichens. Some of them were older than 1,000 years.

The test of our skin care products under extreme conditions was very positive. We tested the ExtremeCare line in the wind and cold and the SunCare line in the sun, as we know that the sunlight is most intense at the pole. We had the chance to use a MINOX product in order to choose the product with the best UV protection. The MINOX Suntimer turned out to be our perfect companion.
We trust in MINOX when testing our products.

Daniel Kurbiel