French Archery team member Sébastien Brasseur loves his MINOX MD 62 and MINOX APO HG 10x43

As a member of the French Archery team since 2000, it has become extremely important to have high quality optics to make sure that I am precisely on target. As it is very important for me to use high quality optics, my MINOX APO HG 10x43 and MD 62 ED W have been constant companions through most of my championships - I shot in the junior French team until 2003, won the World Indoor Championship in 2003 and the European Outdoor Championship the same year.

As a senior team member, I won the gold medal in the European Outdoor Championship 2006 in Athens and became the first European Men’s Compound to win a world cup stage in 2007. Unfortunately, I ranked 4th in Dubai for the World Cup Final … a bad ranking!

After a short break in 2010, I changed my shooting technique (my release). This strategic change turned out to be a good decision as our team won the bronze medal at the European Indoor Championship 2013 in Rzeszow (Poland) and the bronze medal at the World Outdoor Championship 2013 in Belek (Turkey).

From 2008 to 2012, I was an archery teacher at the National Archery Center (Dijon, France) and now work for the French Archery Federation, teaching the best young archers and future coaches, and lead material and technical seminars. I work in the north of France to further develop archery as a sport – archery is my life and my passion! And I’m also proud to use MINOX products!

Sébastien Brasseur