Years of enjoyment with the MINOX BD 15x58 BR

Hi, I’m Deon Dicks, a seasoned hunter and guide from Middle Arm, Newfoundland.  I've independently produced two series of hunting DVDs entitled “Huntin on the Rock” and “Newfies in the Yukon”.  We've got some great game up here in Canada, arguably some of the best moose in the world right here in my backyard; I've been hunting and guiding all my life and ever since I can remember, I’d dreamed about owning a set of professional binoculars. It only took me about 30 years before I decided to make that investment and purchase a pair of Minox binoculars. I do a lot of long distance viewing, so I went for the MINOX 15x58 series, and what a difference compared to what I’d been using!

People asked me how I hold them steady because of the high power; that’s a very easy obstacle to get past, I simply rest them on a rock or a tree.  The idea of lugging the extra weight of a tripod around is nuts when nature provides everything you need to improvise.  I use these binoculars from elevated vantage points like mountain tops or even at the tops of tall trees where you can see for miles round. My MINOX binoculars save me and my clients, the time and effort of having to get closer in order to see if we’re looking at trophy game. The detail is amazing and counting points to make sure that either I or my clients go home happy, has never been easier.  I even have to fight my little girl for them when we’re out in the woods because she loves looking through them.

The weight of these little giants is the farthest thing from my mind, it’s just a reminder of their quality. Once September comes, there’s hardly a day that goes by where my MINOX aren't around my neck from dawn until dark; even a little after dark sometimes but don’t tell on me! Thank you for the years of enjoyment your binoculars have given me and my family.

Here are some trailers of some of my hunting DVDs: