MINOX 8x11 colour andB/Wfilms

If your films have not yet expired, we offer to develop and digitalise your 8x11 colour films onto a CD. You can then have prints made from your lab or printing station of choice.

Please send your films to one of the following addresses:


Blue Moon Camera and Machine

We use optical machinery to produce classic results from MINOX films both new and old, directly from your negatives. Our staff is a dedicated group of current MINOX shooters with an eye for minute details, and we pride ourselves in treating your work in the same way that we treat our own.

 Developing, optical printing, and digital scanning services are available, with as little as a week turnaround. We offer fresh film (when available)*, as well as new and used MINOX sub-miniature cameras. We're dedicated to helping you with all your current and ongoing MINOX needs.

*Please visit our MINOX FAQ page for a comprehensive explanation of our services.

Blue Moon Camera and Machine
8417 N. Lombard St.
Portland, OR 97203




PO Box 11335
Unit 113 Hill House
210 Upper Richmond Road
London SW15 6NP

+44 (0)208 246 5500


  • Stockists of newly-produced 8x11 film from Acmel, Japan.
  • Film processing and scanning using traditional MINOX II and II
  • Enlargers for black and white, colour negative and colour slide films.
  • Bespoke film types cut for 8x11mm by special order.
  • Full range of cutters cassettes, cameras and all 8x11 accessories


Photo Studio 13 GmbH
Fachlabor & Digitalservice
Heilbronner Str. 1
70771 LE-Echterdingen
Tel. +49 (0)711/79084-0
Fax +49 (0)711/79084-84

Lab service for expired films

Film Rescue International

If you have MINOX color negative or B/W films that have long expired, you can have them developed by our new partner, Film Rescue International, the revealers of lost and found treasures.

Their philosophy: “We have very exciting work. We essentially open time capsules for a living. Ten, Twenty even up to 80 years ago, someone took the time to get out their camera and take some pictures or shot a movie. Someone else may have stood to pose or just gone about their normal routine. We get to open the doors to the past and be the first to look in. It's very special work and we are privileged to be doing it.”

Please visit their site to find out how you can have your valuable films developed.