PUMA has been manufacturing knives now recognized worldwide for their extraordinary quality and workmanship. With a perfect combination of traditional craftsmanship and sophisticated machinery, PUMA’s philosophy is to maintain the high demands expected from the city renown for high quality knives and scissors – Solingen in Germany.

We produce quality products that are a result of the diligent handwork of an artisan and the sensitivity of an artist. When you use our products, you will feel and experience the functionality selected by professionals and be impressed by the deep consideration and attention that has gone into each detail. Such pride and confidence is embodied in, and symbolizes, the products of ARTISAN&ARTIST.

From the very beginning, Hedler light units have been designed to withstand the rough working conditions of professionals, in other words: they have to work as a reliable lighting tool. We believe, to produce high quality you have to use high quality components. Hedler light units are completely built by hand in Germany and each unit is individually tested before it leaves our factory. The result - a high quality product for which we give you an 36 month warranty.

Founded in 1959, Nissin is one of Japan's leading manufacturers of electronic flash units, Nissin has supplied high quality lighting to photographers all over the world. For almost 50 years, Nissin has maintained exceptional quality standards that two generations of photographers have relied on for their lighting needs.