Friday, 10.April 2015

Years of enjoyment with the MINOX BD 15x58 BR

Hi, I’m Deon Dicks, a seasoned hunter and guide from Middle Arm, Newfoundland. I've independently produced two series of hunting DVDs entitled “Huntin on the Rock” and “Newfies in the Yukon”. We've got some great game up here in Canada, arguably some of the best moose in the world right here in my backyard; I've been hunting and guiding all my life and ever since I can remember, I’d dreamed about owning a set of professional binoculars. It only took me about 30 years before I decided to make that investment and purchase a pair of Minox binoculars. I do a lot of long distance viewing, so I went for the MINOX 15x58 series, and what a difference compared to what I’d been using!

Wednesday, 20.August 2014

Praxistest - MINOX HG 8.5X52

Mit dem Minox HG 8,5×52 habe ich ein leichtes Pirschglas, was ich aber auch, bedingt durch seine hohe Lichttransmission, bis in die späte Dämmerung hin auf dem Ansitz nutzen kann. Da ich nicht markentreu bin, hat mich das Minox HG 8,5×52 von seiner Preisleistung her voll überzeugt und meine beiden Ferngläser erwähnter Marktanführer stehen seitdem im Schrank.

Saturday, 23.November 2013

Pierre-Julien Deloche - MINOX APO HG 10x43

Mein Name ist Pierre-Julien Deloche und ich komme aus dem Süd-Osten Frankreichs. Seit 2005 übe ich den Sport des Bogenschießens aus und bin seit 2007 Mitglied der Nationalmannschaft und bin aktuell auf Platz Nr. 1 der Weltrangliste.

Friday, 22.November 2013

Pierre-Julien Deloche - MINOX APO HG 10x43

My name is Pierre-Julien Deloche and I live in the South-East of France. My sport is archery which I have been practicing since 2005. I have been in the national team since 2007 and am now ranked no. 1 in the world. My job in a maritime rescue coordination center for the French coastguard allows me a privileged schedule to compete with the best in the world.

Tuesday, 19.February 2013 tests the MINOX APO HG 8x43 - High quality but inexpensive

Minox upgraded the lineup of its high level binoculars. Right now the series HG (High Grade) comprises of six models. The main innovation is in the field of view (FOV), which is now 15% larger than in the previous models.

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