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Sunday, 31.December 2006

Camping Life, December 2006: Gear test - MINOX BD 10x44 BP binoculars

By Stuart Bourdon

We decided to take a long look through the MINOX BD 10x44 BP binoculars, and this is what we found: This high-end product is a Porro-prism design, a less popular construction due to its typically higher expense and weight, but Porro offers enhanced light-transmission quality characteristics. Porro-prism designs are also said to have better “tree-dimensional” viewing of an object due to the inherently increased objective lens spacing. […]

The MINOX BD 10x44 is a good example of the company’s history of miniaturization and quality. It has good upper-end magnification (10x) with a large (44 mm diameter) objective lens, in a relatively compact (5x7.25x2 inches) size. The exit pupil is generous (5.5 mm diameter), passing large helpings of light, and it will focus down to 13.12 feet, good for scoping butterflies. It is neither an anchor nor a feather, but at 24.3 ounces, the MINOX 10x44 BP ended up in my daypack, not around my neck on the trail.

The design of the sturdy metal housing is sleek and comfortable in the hand. The highlight in case design, however, is the focusing system. Instead of the usual individual eyepiece diopter adjustment, the main focusing wheel in the center is used for diopter adjustments. The center focusing wheel cap is lifted and turned to change functions. Once the diopter is adjusted to the user’s eye and the center wheel cap is set back in the proper position, the dioptre correction is protected from unintentional changes.

Another nice feature are the twist-up eyecups with click stops. This makes it easy to find and set just the right eye relief so you can enjoy the full field of view offered by the MINOX BD 10x44 BP when wearing eyeglasses. […]

The housing has a rubberized outer coating that makes it easy to grip. Its lenses are top-quality German glass and feature multicoated surfaces for enhanced color and light transmission.

We were impressed by the MINOX BD 10x44 BP’s performance. It offered a sophisticated dioptre focusing system, was easy and quick to use, and allowed excellent viewing of low-light-level shadow areas with clarity and detail.

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