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For lovers of the outdoors, our Facebook pages provide an interactive platform for our fans to share their experiences, comment on our posts or quite simply to enjoy our riveting content. Everybody is welcome to become a fan - or if you choose not to become a fan, please feel free to comment on or share our posts anyway.

We strive to respect the opinions of all who comment on our pages. We do however, request visitors and fans to adhere to certain rules, which are listed at the bottom of this page.

MINOX Naturgenuss

MINOX Naturgenuss provides our German language fans with spectacular photos and captivating posts offering a source of helpful information, as well as interesting content for our lovers of bird and nature watching.

MINOX GB Wildlife

MINOX GB Wildlife is our fan page for our wildlife-loving fans on the British Isles. Our fans are invited to share their photos, posts and the occassional video to make this page truly fascinating and informative.

MINOX Nautic

MINOX Nautic, the page for water sports and outdoors fans! This page is especially tuned to the interests of boaters and sailers, offering captivating photos, reports and information directly out of the realm of Nautics.


MINOX Jagd is especially interesting for our German language hunting fans. Combined with regular posts and useful information, the occassional photo from our MINOX trail cameras further enrichen the page, making it the perfect source of information for those within the German hunting scene.

MINOX GB Field Sports

MINOX GB Field Sports is the page you are looking for, if you are interested in the British field sports, hunting and angler scene. Members of the Edge programme can benefit from testing MINOX products for free and sharing their experiences on this page.

MINOX North America Hunting

MINOX North America Hunting offers our fans regular updates, captivating photos and videos for all those who are particulary interested in the hunting realm of the North American outdoors.

MINOX Facebook Page Rules

These fan pages are for the express purpose to encourage your interaction in sharing content in various forms (comments/postings, photos, videos and links) on our walls. The content posted therein does not necessarily reflect the opinions or ideals of MINOX. MINOX is not obligated to screen user content with regard to compliance with the rules listed below. Even though the page owners exercise greatest care, MINOX is not liable to completeness, topicality and accuracy of content provided directly by MINOX or for literal or transmission errors.

Please note that MINOX requires certain rules to be followed by its fans when using these fan pages. These rules do not nullify the applicable Facebook ‘Terms and Conditions of Use’.

  • Freedom of speech and the freedom to express oneself is a central part of our fan pages. User content will not be preedited and censored. However, content may be deleted if it supports or incites racial hatred, glorification of violence or other criminal or civil offences, or has content that is offensive, vulgar, obscene, or is generally indecent and inappropriate. MINOX furthermore reserves the right to delete any content that is clearly off-topic, which can be classified as politically motivated, as unsolicited advertising or as spam. If mere deletion proves to be insufficient in a particular case, appropriate measures will be taken to ensure the decency and integrity of our pages. 
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  • Your ideas and recommendations are crucial to assist MINOX to continue making our fan pages interactive and expressive instruments for our fans. Please feel free to contact us at any time.