MINOX Repair Service


We are especially proud to offer repairs for products that are no longer in production or have been discontinued long ago. In some cases, we have stored spare parts over decades, resulting in the corresponding additional costs. Nevertheless, it is important for us to offer you this service for your older devices.

For a cost evaluation of products that have been discontinued, please send your MINOX device to one of the following addresses and include this Repairs and Service Form with a detailed description of the problems.

For Sport Optics covered by the MINOX Comfort Service, please use the same form and include a copy of your sales receipt and a copy of the confirmation email you received after registering your product. If you no longer have this email, please contact info@minox.com to confirm your registration before sending in your product.

Outside North America: North America:

Technical Service
Wilhelm-Loh-Str. 1
D-35578 Wetzlar
Tel.: +49-6441-917-682
Fax: +49-6441-917-612
Mail: info@minox.com
P.O. Box 123
Meriden, NH 03770
Tel.: +1-866- 469-3080 in USA
Tel.: +1-603-287-4840 from Canada
Fax: +1-603-469-3471
Mail: usa@minox.com

For 8x11 camera repairs only.

Kameraservice Schäfer

Niederseelbacher Str. 48
65527 Niedernhausen
Tel.: +49-611-39679
Fax: +49-611-378173

For 8x11 or 35mm analogue cameras

D.A.G. Camera Repair

2128 Vintage Drive
Oregon, Wi. 53575
Tel.: +1-608-835-3342

Please note: we repair ONLY 8x11 and 35mm MINOX cameras made in Germany. We do not repair MINOX digital cameras.

If you decide not to have your device repaired in accordance with our cost evaluation, we will charge a fee of € 12.00 plus shipping charges and taxes.

The repair may take up to 3 weeks after receipt of cost evaluation approval.