MINOX BN 7x50 - The classic nautical binoculars

The MINOX BN 7x50 represents the reference class for the basic models within the Nautik Line. Equipped with Porro prisms, these binoculars offer a very high light transmission combined with an extremely high plasticity for a spatial image. Position and distance to viewed objects can be precisely determined. On top of that, the compact and ergonomic construction offers a securehold, preferred by maritime and water sports enthusiasts. The MINOX BN 7x50 has a non-slip robust housing and is water tight down to a depth of 5 metres (16.4 feet). The nitrogen filling protects the inner optical elements from corrosion and fogging.

Elaborate in every detail

Leading-edge technology, quality and functionality: a perfect symbiosis at a competitive value for money.

  • First class optics: optical brilliance, high contrast and excellent colour rendition
  • High light transmission for a bright image even in twilight
  • High plasticity for a spatial image
  • Single ocular adjustment - full focus from 12 m (39.4 ft) to infinity
  • Fog free internal optics thanks to nitrogen gas filling

MINOX Comfort Service


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