The MINOX Monocular mini telescope is ideal for those who can‘t use conventional binoculars at any particular time. This mini telescope is very small, provides high quality optical performance and is easy to use. The MD 6x16 A has an additional exciting feature with its integrated altimeter.

Product Features:
Sturdy metal body with a modern design
Easy and practical handling
6x Magnification (MD 6 x 16, MD 6 x 16 A) - Field of view 141 m at 1.000 m
8x Magnification (MD 8 x 16) - Field of view 141 m at 1.000 m
Altimeter, thermometer, clock, stop watch (MD 6x16 A)
Extreme close-up setting range (from 1.5 m)
Dust and water tight
Removable neck strap
Weight: 105 g
MD 6x16MD 6x16 A
MD 8x16