Friday, 29.April 2016

MINOX-Action-Kamera im Test

WETZLAR Sie ist klein und mit gerade einmal rund 115 Gramm Gewicht auch ziemlich leicht: Die Action-Cam ACX 200 WiFi der Wetzlarer MINOX GmbH überzeugt in unserem Test mit Vielfältigkeit und modernen Features.

Mit dem passenden Zubehör, wie zum Beispiel einem Selfie-Stick (Stab, auf den die Kamera geschraubt werden kann) lassen sich Videos aus interessanten Blickwinkeln aufnehmen. So können sich Sportler beim Inlineskaten oder Fahrradfahren selbst filmen. Andere Perspektiven entstehen durch das Befestigen der Kamera am Helm oder Brustgurt. So können Hobby-Filmer und solche, die es vielleicht noch werden wollen, ganz einfach spannende Videos vom Urlaub drehen und Daheimgebliebene mit den Aufnahmen beeindrucken. ...

Monday, 18.April 2016

Les jumelles BL 8x56 pour l'affût en lumière difficile (FR)

Les jumelles les plus utilisées par les chasseurs pour l'affût crépusculaire du sanglier sont celles à objectifs de 56 mm. Elles sont également appréciées pour la chasse du gibier d'eau à la hutte. Test de terrain des MINOX BL 8x56.

Saturday, 16.April 2016

MINOX ZP5 5-25x56 tested in Shooting Sports magazine

2016 has been a ground-breaking year so far and started with me going Metric. For some time I have used a variety of units on a number of scopes but whereas it didn't bother me too much when hunting, my high magnification and precision optics were always M.O.A., no Miliradian. With new metric rangefinders and 1st focal plane delivered into my life, the day has come and I am now an mRad dialler, with 1cm@100m clicks on ALL my scopes and this was the last big decision.

I have shot this MINOX scope type for over 18 months now on several guns, my own personal unit going ont a custom Remington in 260.


Click on the photo to read more.

Wednesday, 06.April 2016

The MINOX DCC 14.0 among 4 fun compact cameras with special powers

For more composed shots | Minox DCC 14.0

This Lilliputian shooter looks like a toy or perhaps a gadget the circa-60s James Bond might have carried to surreptitiously snap nefarious goings-on. But the DCC 14.0 is actually a fully functional 14-megapixel camera, styled to look like a classic German-made SLR.

Given its specs, the DCC 14.0 might appear limited at first. The camera has no built-in flash and struggles in low light (not surprising given how tiny its sensor is). Video is captured at a paltry resolution of 640 by 480 pixels—a far cry from your smartphone’s HD movies.

So beyond its very charming form, why bother toting the DCC 14.0 around? For its surprisingly accurate optical viewfinder, a feature usually found only on larger cameras. Instead of thoughtlessly tapping a touchscreen, you bring a camera with a viewfinder up to your eye and take the time to frame your shot.

It’s a small shift that can change the way you think about photography—and it’s available in a camera that’s small enough to pack as an afterthought.

Tuesday, 26.January 2016

[SHOT 2016 Range Day] Review of the MINOX ZP-8

One scope to rule them all is how I would describe the MINOX ZP-8. Walking by their booth on SHOT Range Day, I was approached by a friendly MINOX representative who said, “Want to see a cool riflescope?” “Sure!” I responded. The MINOX representative handed me what appeared to be a low powered rifle scope. The representative told me to dial it up to 8 power, and dial it down. Cranking the scope up to 8 power, then dialing it down, I was pleasantly surprised when I dialed the reticle down to around 3 power and an illuminated red dot appeared on the reticle.

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