The optical construction of the MINOX ZA HD TAC series brings precision right to the point. Brilliant HD optics combined with the new innovative optical system gets the shooter quickly and easily on target. The fully illuminated reticle system at the 2nd focal plane has six illumination settings for perfect flexibility in every situation.

ZA HD TAC Product Features
High performance HD optics
New innovative optical system
Fully illuminated MR Plex reticle system
30 mm center tube
Special anodized aluminum scope body
5x magnification
Long, safe eye relief
Reticle at the 2nd focal plane
Parallax compensation (SF models)
Argon gas purged
Reticle: MR-Plex
ZA 5i 1.2-6x24 TAC

The lightest of all MINOX tactical riflescopes weighs in at just about 400 g and convinces with its 5x magnification, perfect for close range shooting.

ZA 5i 3-15x50 SF TAC
The ZA 5i 3-15x50 SF TAC with Side Focus is perfect for use at medium to long-range shooting.
ZA 5i 5-25x56 SF TAC

The ZA 5i 5-25x56 SF TAC is characterized by its precision at long ranges.

While MINOX optical equipment is built to operate perfectly in harsh environments, uncontrollable things can happen in the field which can result in unexpected damage. That is why MINOX provides a *Total Coverage Warranty protection for all MINOX sport optics products - MINOX will repair or replace any damaged product with no questions asked.

*This warranty is only valid if the product has been registered online and does not cover fire, theft, loss, or intentional damage. Applicable only to permanent residents of the USA or Canada.