FTA - Fast Target Acquisition

Fast and precisely on target

Even in low light conditions, it is important for the shooter to find the target quickly and easily by using optics that provide a bright, clear and shadow-free image. This can be achieved by using an optical system in which all aberrations can be reduced to a level that is less than, or at best, not substantially greater than the resolution of the human eye. The entire light energy that is transported through the scope is thus utilized to produce the best possible image within the eye. Colors or color fringing, insufficiently corrected spherical aberrations or poor light transmission can reduce the light energy needed to produce an image at one particular spot or plane.

To guarantee a perfect shot, the image produced by the riflescope, a firm shooting hand and the weapon must build a perfect unit to ensure a Fast Target Acquisition. Rapidly and accurately getting on target can offer the crucial time needed to successfully get the shot where you need it. The prerequisite for this is a bright, high-contrast and shadow-free field of view. Spending a lot of time trying to line up the target with your riflescope can reduce your chances of quickly getting on target for that decisive moement.

The optical design of the MINOX ZE5.2 riflescopes has taken this factor into great consideration. Compared to previous models, the vignetting has been reduced by up to 90% to create an exceptionally bright and sharp image all the way to the outer edges of the field of view.

With the increased size of the exit pupil, the eye remains completely relaxed and can observe images without any further distractions - the eye is no longer preoccupied by attempts to adjust to the field of view before even getting on target - The Fast Target Acquisition system gets the shooter quickly and precisely on target.