trail cameras for
your hunting grounds

Your Trail Camera.

For a long time now, trail cameras have been used to monitor, record and scout nature and wildlife in hunting grounds. Even for nature observation, they have become an indispensable tool for the care and attention of wildlife. What is more, they are also perfect for garden or home surveillance.

So that you can leave your wildlife and surveillance camera alone for several days or even weeks in the outdoors, we rely on sophisticated technology and precise workmanship. This makes MINOX trail cameras robust and resistant - for use under tough conditions.

MINOX Trail Camera

DTC 1200

Smart Multi-Talent

With a 4G transmitter module, MINOX Multi-SIM card and innovative MINOX app.

MINOX Trail Cameras

DTC 550 /

Reliable Observers

Trail cameras with an extremely fast shutter release.
Convenient data transfer and management of system settings via WiFi connection and app (Model: DTC 550 WiFi).

MINOX Trail Camera

DTC 460

Flexible Master of Adaptation

Blends into the surroundings and can hardly be distinguished from the tree bark.

MINOX Trail Camera

DTC 395

Outdoor All-Rounder

Outstanding image quality with sharp details, contrast and natural color rendition. Single images and video recordings in full HD resolution.

Perfectly Equipped

30 Years Warranty