How do I navigate in the menu of the MINOX NVD 650 night vision device?

By pressing and holding the image brightness button (2 seconds) you will enter a small setup menu. Here you can set photo resolution, video resolution, date, backlight and USB standard. In the setup menu, the zoom buttons are used to enter and exit a submenu. Within a menu, you can switch from one menu item to the next by using the IR button. The recording button is used to confirm your setting.

With the IR button, you can navigate downwards. With the "-" button, or alternatively the "REC" button, you can choose a menu item; with the "+" button, you can exit the menu item.

How many Nanometers does the infrared illuminator on the NVD 650 emit?

850 Nanometers. The range of the illuminator is up to 350 meters.

Is it possible to use the NVD 650 with a powerbank?

Yes, a standard powerbank with 5.6 - 6V is suitable. This is connected to the micro USB port of the NVD 650.

Can an external IR illuminator be used with the NVD 650?

An additional external IR illuminator (not a MINOX accessory) can be mounted on the Picatinny rail by means of an appropriate mounting. A direct connection to the device is not possible.

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