Always Up to Date with MINOX

To ensure that your wildlife camera is always abreast with the latest technology, we provide you with the latest firmware updates for your wildlife and surveillance cameras.

The latest Updates for our Current Models 

For users of our current trail cameras, we have provided new firmware updates that ensure even better performance.

The installation instructions included in the download packages show you how to conveniently install the update in the camera.

DTC 1200

Version: v2016

Software Update

DTC 550 WiFi

Version: 2.57.03GE

Software Update

  • The software update for your DTC 550 ensures increased performance.

    MINOX has provided new firmware for users of the DTC 550. Just follow this link: DTC 550 Software Installation Instructions you can find out how easy it is to install the update on your camera.

    Important notice for the DTC 1000:
    All users of the MINOX DTC 1000, that have installed the MINOX-Server as described in the instruction manual, should please download and carefully read the following notice.

    All firmware Updates
    DTC 400Software
    Version: DTC400-150820-2

    Installation Instructions

    DTC 450Software
    Version: DTC450E160906

    Installation Instructions

    DTC 550Software
    Version: MCU:08.44.39 / HTF:01.21.01

    Installation Instructions

    DTC 1000New Server Notice
    DTC 1100Software
    Version: HD1904230SE

    Installation Instructions