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MINOX Riflescope Allrounder

SEK 12,895.00

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Precise in price and quality!

Bright and fast on target - by day and by night. Thanks to the new optical coatings, the MINOX riflescope line delivers an outstanding transmission of up to 94%* - for bright viewing. The Fast Target Acquisition (FTA) with its large ocular, provides an improved ease of view to ensure that you get on target even faster. For day and twilight hunting, the bright fiber optic reticle can be finely dimmed. The extra-low adjustment turrets provide an optimum overview in any situation. And the illuminated dot with its position sensor features an automatic deactivation. And all this at an amazing price!
Oh hunter's heart - what more do you want?
* in conformance with spectral transmissions according to DIN ISO 14490-5


  • The M*plus coatings provide 94% light transmission¹
  • Fast Target Acquisition FTA: improved viewing comfort through enlarged ocular
  • Glass Fiber Point: finely dimmable glass fiber reticle – suitable for day and night use
  • Automatic deactivation of the red dot via position sensor
  • Extra low adjustment towers for a better overview
  • Comfort Service - 10-year warranty after registering your riflescope
  • Made in Germany

¹ In conformance with spectral transmissions according to DIN ISO 14490-5

"I want a flexible scope that simply does a good job. Status symbols can be bought by others."

Into the last light of day

Precise & Efficient


Illuminated reticle #4