MD 7x42 TAC

The integrated compass and reticle make the MINOX MD 7x42 TAC monocular the perfect navigator in nearly every situation. Equipped with a 7x magnification, the practical one-handed operation enables convenient and safe handling. The MINOX MD 7x42 TAC is extremely durable and waterproof to a depth of 5 meters. With its very compact dimensions and low weight, it has a good grip and is easy to use. The MIL reticle can be used to make accurate distance calculations or to determine the size of viewed objects.

Available from summer 2014.

Produktmerkmale MD 7x42 TAC
– 7x magnification
– High-quality optics
– Extremely compact and easy to use
– Waterproof down to 16.4 ft. / 5 m
– Integrated compass
– MIL reticle

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