MINOX North America Hunting Adventure Team

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Al Quackenbush (CA)

I have been bow hunting for more than 30 years. I share my adventures on my blog, SoCalBowhunter.com.

I was born and raised in New York State where I learned to hunt everything from squirrels to whitetail deer. I now live in Southern California with my wife and daughter and hunt year round.

Utilizing MINOX optics has saved me from hiking countless extra miles in search of mule deer. If I happened to forget them at home, I would drive back to the pick them up without a second thought. They are that important to my hunt.

Carl Frey
Amie Byelich (ID)

Carl Frey:
I was raised in the Midwest hunting whitetail and small game where I picked up my passion for hunting. I have hunted several species and in several states over the years.  I now live in southern Idaho and work for the Idaho Fish & Game and Pheasants Forever as a biologist, doing habitat work with private landowners.  My move west allowed me to hunt Elk, Deer, Antelope, Bear, Mountain Lions, and Turkeys on a yearly basis. I am always looking for the next adventure whether it’s just a weekend or weeks in the Alaskan backcountry.

The clarity and light gathering of my MINOX binoculars is amazing, it allows me to see details that others overlooked.

Amie Byelich:
I grew up in the northern lower peninsula of Michigan where I became an avid whitetail deer and turkey hunter. I moved to Idaho after graduating college and currently teach middle school art. Although teaching takes away from the time that I have to chase big game, I’ve still been very successful. I enjoy hunting everything that the west has to offer, and spend as much time in the woods and mountains as I can.

My MINOX binoculars have awesome clarity; it’s great to have that quality in a lightweight compact package.

Christian Swann (GA)

Christian Swann is an accomplished “Three Gun Shooter,” who competes in multiple shooting disciplines and has an extensive background as an NRA firearms instructor (among other disciplines).

Chris specializes in Modular Edged and Blunt Tool Tactical Training to military and law enforcement. She is a martial artist, tactical firearms instructor, author, syndicated radio host, mother, and wife. She owns Defense Management Group, Inc., and has  partners  with companies like TWalt LLC  contracting with some of the world’s largest and highest risk companies. Their partnership focuses on risk management, infrastructure protection, and HUMINT (Human Intelligence), in addition to developing new tactical and defensive products.

Christian is an avid shooter as well as a sponsored 3-Gun and Sniper competitor. She received her first black belt in martial arts at the age of 11. Christian’s martial arts include Modern Arnis and KAPAP (an Israeli Fighting System.)  She has also trained extensively under world-renowned martial arts innovator Bram Frank in Edged and Blunt Tools Defense, becoming one of his top instructors in this discipline.

Christian Swann also works worldwide as a specialized security contractor. She is a master licensed anti-terror officer, certified first responder, certified hostage negotiator and has been certified by FEMA in emergency management. She also holds several NRA firearms instructor certifications.

An author of numerous articles and technical manuscripts, she has recently released a book on the four human emotions and is currently working on a book titled “On Sniping”. To date, it reflects over 150 intense, gut-wrenching interviews with snipers from over 17 countries. She also writes for The Shooting Channel and hosts a weekly broadcast show called Conversations Under The Wine Tree.

"As both a highly respected firearms instructor and someone who relies on fully functional firearms and gear in “real world,” environments, I could have chosen any Optic on the market today. However, I chose MINOX to meet all of my needs! Why? Because whether you need a fast sight picture or extreme accuracy, MINOX will more than meet your high expectations. I can't wait to push the boundaries this spring!"

KaCey Dixon (SD)

I was introduced to the hunting world a few years ago by a friend of mine and fell in love. Experiencing a 360” bull elk bugle within 5 yards, is probably the biggest adrenaline rush of my life, and completely changed it...now I’m hooked! I now fully understand the addiction of this sport they call “hunting”. Soon after a South Dakota Antelope hunt a camera was put in my hands and I haven’t been hunting without one since. In 2010 I won the Campbell’s Outdoor Challenge, and in 2011 I was named Miss Huntress USA. Hunting has led to some exciting opportunities for me, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

MINOX has become an intimate hunting partner of mine the past few years. I’m in love with my APO HG binoculars and can’t imagine life without them.

Neil Thaggard (ID)
Wildlife Division Director

at Nez Perce Tribe

Neil Thagard grew up in Asheville, North Carolina where his family instilled a love of hunting and the outdoors at a very young age. Following several years playing professional baseball (which brought him to the Rocky Mountain Region), Neil settled in Idaho where he became affiliated with the Wild Sheep Foundation. Over the next two decades he served in various capacities, from Idaho Chapter President to Director of Operations and Policy at the International Headquarters of WSF in Cody, Wyoming.  

Neil has developed a career bridging the traditional gap between science-based state and federal agencies and the policy-based legislative bodies that make decisions impacting fish, wildlife and habitats across the West. In early 2015 he accepted an appointment to the Directorship of the Nez Perce Tribe's Wildlife Division, a move that provided him the opportunity to contribute to the Tribe's long history of wildlife and habitat stewardship.

Neil's interests outside of his work also reflect his passion for wildlife and wild places. Not only is he a volunteer with organizations that provide hunting opportunities for youth with terminal illnesses and disabled veterans, he is also an ultra-marathon trail runner. The combination of these abilities has twice earned him a position on the podium as a state finalist (and an invitation to the national finals) in the "Train to Hunt Challenge", a two-day extreme physical fitness, hunting skills and endurance event.

Neil is an avid bowhunter and a firm believer in the philosophy that hunting is an essential component of conservation. He has taken, all with archery equipment and under fair chase conditions, over 100 big game animals including more than ½ of the North American species and over 30 record book-qualifying animals.  

"Whether I'm surveying bighorn sheep at work, helping the child of one of our fallen heroes spot their very first Coues deer, pinpointing the "10-ring" during an archery competition or making the most of my own hunting opportunities, great optics are essential to almost everything I do", says Neil. "I have confidence that my MINOX binos and scopes will help me get the job done every time, whether it's work or play."

Read more about Neil and his wife Catherine here.

Nikita & Kyle Dalke
(BC, Canada)

I was raised in a hunting family, but it was my husband Kyle that got me started.  I have lived in BC my whole life and would not trade our mountains for anything. I believe hunting is a very important part of conservation and I love teaching my kids all about it. I have been very fortunate to harvest many animals including whitetail, black bear and a mountain goat. I am a successful rifle hunter and bowhunter, as well as 3D archery events. In 2015 I placed 2nd in the Extreme Huntress contest that took place in Texas in July 2014. I enjoy the high country and being in the backcountry, and I enjoy teaching my kids how to hunt and survive.

Home is where your heart is... and mine is here in British Columbia. I have lived and hunted the mountains for over 15 years, spending countless hours in the backcountry and being fortunate to harvest many beautiful trophy's ranging from mountain goat, grizzly bear, black bear, elk and deer with a bow and rifle.  Being a very lucky man and marrying my dream girl, Nikita Dalke, I had found the best hunting partner a man could ask for. Now in between my hunts and work, I volunteer as much time to help the local biologist with there studies mainly with mountain goat. So this requires a lot of time behind a spotting scope and binos, but I wouldn't have it any other way- I live in the mountains and will spend my last days in the mountains. 

With rocky mountain big horn sheep being number 1 on my list of animals to harvest, it will require lots of miles, burning boot leather and lots of hours looking through glass. With the light weight and high quality glass that Minox has, I know that when the time comes that I find my ram, my eyes won't burn and my legs will have that much more energy to take my trophy home.

Sheena Hunt (ID)

I grew up in a small town in Southwestern Washington and currently live in North Idaho. My family got me into hunting and the outdoors at a very young age. I love to share my passion for the outdoors with others and help them get into it in any way that I can. I believe that hunting is a great part of conservation. I have been lucky enough to take many big game animals that include whitetail deer, elk, black bears, and mountain lion. I’m excited to help preserve this way of life and pass it on for many generations to come.

MINOX is simply the best hunting optics I've ever used.

Samantha Gangler (OR)

Hi! My name is Samantha Gangler.

I was born and raised in a small town in Eastern Oregon. I am a wife, a mom and my dad’s only son.
I grew up enjoying all that the outdoors had to offer, from shooting squirrels to picking huckleberries. I believe the mountains provide some of the best entertainment there is. A great swimming hole, bonfires and smores, camping, mud holes and a feeling that you’re closer to God.

I harvested my first elk at the age of 13. Soon to follow were several mule deer, many memories and a lot of experience. At the age of 17, I picked up a bow for the first time and I fell in love with archery elk hunting. The close encounters with bugling bull elk are hard to top. With each trip into the woods be them successful or not, I gain knowledge. When I’m on a mountain I am at my best, I see the sun rise and set. I see the breath that comes from my mouth. I notice every smell and every sound. Each hunt is a journey. A lesson learned. I enjoy sharing these experiences with my husband and my dad, and I look forward to sharing them with my children.

Todd Jensen (WA)
Tanglewood Guides

The MINOX MD62 ED spotting scope has been an essential tool in my hunting ventures. The quality and clarity of the glass is surreal, it provides a clear image throughout the entire lens, giving me a crisp clear view of what I'm looking at. We use this product daily in guiding clients, and find it durable and reliable. Pre-season scouting has had me sitting behind the MD62 scope for hours on end, with no eye fatigue. It has held up to the elements of the Pacific Northwest, blazing hot summer, and the freezing cold of winter. Whether packed on my back or on a string of horses, it always performs for me.

Guiding the modern season this last year we had one buck we'd been watching all season, who would evade out attempts to harvest him every time we attempted a stalk. This buck lived on a plateau full of greasewood well over six feet tall. The last day of the season I found the highest vantage point in the area (nearly three quarters of a mile away) and set up camp. I located the buck and spent the next five hours keeping track of him through the spotting scope while another guide and our client stalked him. We were able to close the deal that day, and I have to say I’m not sure our client would have had the same experience without the MD62. I have never been disappointed with this spotter, and I don't dare take a step into the woods without it.