MINOX North America Hunting Adventure Team

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KaCey Dixon (SD)
I was introduced to the hunting world a few years ago by a friend of mine and fell in love. Experiencing a 360” bull elk bugle within 5 yards, is probably the biggest adrenaline rush of my life, and completely changed it...now I’m hooked! I now fully understand the addiction of this sport they call “hunting”. Soon after a South Dakota Antelope hunt a camera was put in my hands and I haven’t been hunting without one since. In 2010 I won the Campbell’s Outdoor Challenge, and in 2011 I was named Miss Huntress USA. Hunting has led to some exciting opportunities for me, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

MINOX has become an intimate hunting partner of mine the past few years. I’m in love with my APO HG binoculars and can’t imagine life without them.

Carl Frey & Amie Byelich (ID)
I was raised in the Midwest hunting whitetail and small game where I picked up my passion for hunting. I have hunted several species and in several states over the years. I now live in southern Idaho and work for the Idaho Fish & Game and Pheasants Forever as a biologist, doing habitat work with private landowners.  My move west allowed me to hunt Elk, Deer, Antelope, Bear, Mountain Lions, and Turkeys on a yearly basis. I am always looking for the next adventure whether it’s just a weekend or weeks in the Alaskan backcountry.

The clarity and light gathering is amazing, it allows me to see details that others overlooked.

I grew up in the northern lower peninsula of Michigan where I became an avid whitetail deer and turkey hunter. I moved to Idaho after graduating college and currently teach middle school art. Although teaching takes away from the time that I have to chase big game, I’ve still been very successful. I enjoy hunting everything that the west has to offer, and spend as much time in the woods and mountains as I can.

My MINOX binoculars have awesome clarity; it’s great to have that quality in a lightweight compact package.

Toby & Samantha Gangler (OR)
I’m a lifelong resident of Oregon. I started hunting at the age of 10, but started tagging along with my father at the ripe old age of 4. I took my first big game animal at the age of 12, a 156” 4x5 mule deer buck and the passion for hunting that had been instilled by my father has never left my blood. There is no month on the calendar that you will not find me in the field pursuing something, be it shed antlers and spring bears or bugling bulls and late season mule deer.

Since switching over to MINOX, I have come to know exactly what a superior sport optic is. Lightweight, durable and the best warranty in the business… there is no other choice for me!

I was born and raised in Eastern Oregon in the town of Baker City. My father, an avid outdoorsman introduced me to hunting at a young age. Some of my first outdoor experiences included fishing, camping, predator and varmint hunting. At the age of 13 I harvested my first big game animal.  Since then, I have become a successful archery hunter and a competitive 3-D tournament archer.

I had no idea what truly great optics were until I switched to the Minox brand.

Mario Guisto (CA)
I was born in Hood River Oregon, but being right smack in the middle of the Northwest does not mean that you are born a hunter. My father wasn’t a hunter but he did buy me a Red Rider BB gun when I was 4. From then on I was hooked. I’m now 30 years old and have been lucky enough to take some quality animals with my bow and a rifle. Five years ago I purchased a video camera in hopes of capturing my experiences in the outdoors. Over the last three years I have filmed for Life at Table Mountain, Blacks Creek TV and Mathews TV. My fall consists of a hectic hunting, filming, and guiding schedule. I’ll be filming 11 shows in 2013.

Sheena Hunt (ID)
I grew up in a small town in Southwestern Washington and currently live in North Idaho. My family got me into hunting and the outdoors at a very young age. I love to share my passion for the outdoors with others and help them get into it in any way that I can. I believe that hunting is a great part of conservation. I have been lucky enough to take many big game animals that include whitetail deer, elk, black bears, and mountain lion. I’m excited to help preserve this way of life and pass it on for many generations to come.

MINOX is simply the best hunting optics I've ever used.

Dustin Jones (ID)

I grew up in a small town in eastern Idaho. I was taught at a very early age by my dad how to hunt and it has become a passion for me ever since. Just as I was raised in a hunting family, I’m passing on the tradition to my kids.

Brent & Nicole Larson (MN)
Field of Dreams TV

Brent and Nicole Larson, describe themselves as hard working to the bone with a serious passion for the outdoors. Brent is a full time commercial construction worker for the past 20yrs, and Nicole is a full time dental assistant for the past 9yrs.

Brent and Nicole were married in august of 2013. Their passion for whitetails is beyond ordinary- to the point of being obsessed. Filming hunts is also a passion they share, and together they have created Fieldofdreamstv.com, and Field of Dreams TV coming soon (spring-summer 2014) to mid-continent cable airing in SD, ND, MN, IA and WI. Their work has already aired on Ultimate Outdoor Adventures tv, The wild outdoors, Double bull outdoors, Arrow affliction, and Bowhunt 365.

We are excited to be a part of MINOX. In our line of work, we cannot be without great optics, MINOX has been a great addition to our gear bag and is great for any extreme outdoors enthusiast! We are excited to see what our next adventure brings, and we are glad we have great friends and companies that stand behind us. See you in the field!

Randall Limb (UT)
I am an avid bow hunter, and love the thrill of getting as close as I can to such amazing animals. Especially bull elk! Having something that big at 15 yards sure keeps the heart strong. I have harvested 2 pope and young animals and many others as well. I am a dedicated hunter here in the state of Utah, which means I spend some of my free time doing conservation projects to help our wildlife. I have been happily married for 13 years to my amazing wife Amy, and we have 3 kids all who enjoy the outdoors. Besides hunting mule deer and elk, I have a great passion for shed hunting …well… I would actually call it an addiction. I really enjoy putting the miles on my feet, trying to find a big set of antlers. It’s a great way to get the family outdoors, and I love to hear the kids yell with excitement when they find one. I am the founder of huntersfix.com and pro staff for Tenzing, Hips Archery Targets, Scent – Lok, Wac’em Broadheads, Xcel.

MINOX helps me see farther so I can hunt harder!

Justin & Rebecca Spring (MT)
Growing up hunting in northern Minnesota instilled in me a passion for the outdoors. During my school years I was fortunate to work at fly-in lodges in Ontario and Alaska while pursuing an education in natural resources. My more memorable hunts include Sitka and Columbian black tail, Arizona Coues deer, and accompanying my husband Justin on his Oregon mountain goat hunt. I consider myself very lucky to be able to share all outdoor pursuits with Justin.

I have destroyed boots and backpacks but have found I can trust my MINOX binoculars to stand up to my abuse and give me quality, and reliable performance every time.

I have spent my lifetime pursuing outdoor endeavors across much of the country.  This passion took me from Oregon to a college in Northern Wisconsin where I obtained a degree in wildlife management and also met my wife and fellow adventure team member Rebecca.  Our home base is Missoula, Montana, but we take hunting trips all over the western United States every year pursuing anything we can draw a tag for on public land.  When not hunting, I work in the records department of Boone and Crockett club.
MINOX rifle scopes bring your targets into crystal clear view with excellent magnification.  This combined with the warranty is why a good portion of both my hunting and range firearms are topped with MINOX.  While other companies offer these same products with varying features and price tags, the 10 power APO binoculars are what put MINOX ahead of their competition in my book.  With the slightly larger field of view than commonly encountered with 10 powers, this glass gathers light well past legal shooting hours and the lightweight durable design makes them my go to for most all my hunts anywhere in North America.  My spotting scope, caliber, and rifle scope choices will vary depending on terrain but the APO’s will always be close at hand on any hunt.

Al Quackenbush (CA)
I have been bow hunting for more than 30 years. I share my adventures on my blog, SoCalBowhunter.com. I was born and raised in New York State where I learned to hunt everything from squirrels to whitetail deer. I now live in Southern California with my wife and daughter and hunt year round.

Utilizing MINOX optics has saved me from hiking countless extra miles in search of mule deer. If I happened to forget them at home, I would drive back to the pick them up without a second thought. They are that important to my hunt.

Neil Thaggard (WY)
TRCP Western Outreach Director
This is the first hunting season that I have used my new MINOX binoculars, and I’ve been really impressed with the brightness and image quality, but I haven’t really had an opportunity to fully evaluate their durability.  That is, until today when I accidentally dropped them out of my tree stand!  I winced as I heard them connect with several ladder rungs on the way down, and a solid “thud” when they finally made contact with the hard ground.  I climbed down the 15 feet they fell, grateful at least that it was only the housing that hit the ladder, not the glass.  However, I expected the worst when I picked them up and gingerly looked through them.  Amazingly (if my wife hadn’t seen the whole thing, I would never have had to admit to dropping them) they were in perfect condition!  Thanks MINOX, for making a pair of binoculars that can withstand the numb fingers that come with an early morning whitetail hunt in Wyoming in November.