The MINOX DTC 600 surveillance camera with black filter
Ideal for safeguarding property and personal safety

As of late, there has also been a growing demand from the civilian sector for monitoring equipment and property. MINOX has now responded to this development and has launched the MINOX DTC 600 in an unobtrusive grey finish. Whether for monitoring a house and garden, weekend cottage, boats, company premises etc. the DTC 600 in grey, takes recordings of all activities discretely and inconspicuously,  and thanks to its black filter in front of the IR flash, it is completely invisible to people.

Boasting a resolution of 8 megapixels the MINOX DTC 600 provides an outstanding imaging quality with pin-sharp details, high contrast and natural color rendition. The powerful infrared flash with a range of up to 15 meters produces reliable images, also in unfavorable light conditions such as twilight or absolute darkness. The wavelength range of the flash is completely invisible to people due to a black filter positioned in front of the infrared flash.

Due to the intelligently designed motion detector recordings can be made with greater flexibility and higher efficiency. With individually adjustable sensitivity the camera only captures desired objects and excludes all recordings of irrelevant motions such as moving branches or grass.

The MINOX DTC 600 is operated using commercially available batteries that have a life of approx. 6 months. It can therefore be put into action anywhere and straight away. The short shutter delay of just 1 second makes the DTC a reliable partner. All data are stored on SD cards and can be directly read from the integrated 2" monitor or they can be transferred to a computer via the USB port. In addition to this, the data can be stored on the SD card using a code, making it impossible for others to read. A padlock also protects the DTC 600 against theft.

The reliable camera technology of the MINOX DTC 600 is protected by a sturdy and weatherproof plastic body that keeps out water, dust, cold and heat.

The MINOX DTC 600 comes with a fixing strap, SD memory card and USB cable.