Monday, 09.September 2013


We received a pair of Minox BN 7x50 DC Binoculars from our friends at Pelagic Outfitters to play with. Like most serious fishermen and hunters, we here at BDO know that optics are not the place to "cheap out".

As soon as you take them out of the box, you can tell this is a quality pair of binoculars. Comfortable ergonomics, a rubberized coating and an overall solid feel gave me a great initial impression.

Immediately after unpacking, we all went outside for a little test drive. Right away we were impressed with its light gathering ability. The image was exceptionally bright and razor sharp.

I'm one of those people that have trouble with cheaper “binos”. I can never seem to align the images correctly and I quickly get a headache and stop using them. These “binos” didn't suffer from that issue. They adjusted easily, came into perfect focus and were comfortable for extended periods of time.

Wednesday, 05.June 2013

MINOX Spektiv MD 50 W – kompakt und variabel

Taschenfreundliche Dimensionen, eine variable Spitzenoptik und die mit größter Präzision konstruierte Mechanik charakterisieren das Teleskop MD 50 W. So verkörpert es die klassischen Werte der Marke MINOX auf hohem Niveau. Ausgestattet mit einem stufenlos verstellbaren Okular für Vergrößerungen von 16- bis 30fach, äußerst kompakt und mit einem Gewicht von nur 615 Gramm extrem leicht, ist das MD 50 W ein Spektiv für alle Fälle!

Thursday, 24.January 2013

Tap into the possibilities of game cameras

Today's market offers a wide choice of game cameras of all types and makes, and they offer a terrific sales opportunity, as reported by GunTradeWorld.


Read our report on pages 60 and 61.

Tuesday, 22.January 2013

MINOX HG 8x43 - Best Binoculars Reviews - Best Wildlife Observation & Hunting Binocular 2012

Winner in 2011 and once again in 2012, the Minox HG 8x43 scored a hugely impressive 87% overall on the Best Binocular Reviews Ratings scale, that included a 10/10 for body construction quality. So you just know that these water and fog proof binoculars are extremely well made and easily tough enough to handle pretty much whatever you throw at them whilst you are out there in the wild.

As well as this, at only 650g (22.9oz), these are one of THE lightest full sized binoculars that I have ever reviewed, this combined with their well made and well padded neck strap will make them as comfortable as possible even if you have to carry them with you all day.

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