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Monday, 31.January 2011

Test report: Australian hunting magazine "Sporting Shooter", January 2011

They are a top-grade-scope, and great value. Besides the fine glass, they show practical design.

The company is definitely courting the hunter by offering durable variables with bright optics at prices that compete with the best European firms as well as American and Japanese brands. In addition, MINOX offers a lifetime no-fault-warranty, which will replace any damaged MINOX riflescope with no questions asked! Now that´s a guarantee that´s hard to beat."

Friday, 17.May 2013

User story - MINOX HG 10x43: Ronnie Rowland, professional hunter

As a professional hunter, my binoculars are very much as important as my rifle. They are mostly used to approach and observe game and to determine if the animal represents a “ripe trophy”. For this reason, my MINOX HG 10x43 binoculars are simply indispensable. Whether in the glaring Damaraland woodlands, in thickets or even during a leopard hunt at nightfall, my MINOX HG binoculars offer a consistently high-definition image. They are very quickly focused, which is what I greatly appreciate about my MINOX binoculars. When one is stalking game, it is often only possible to observe using only one hand. As a day-to-day tool, good binoculars must be robust, light and simply reliable. In each of these points, my MINOX binoculars are qualitatively and simply the best. In my continued profession, I will most assuredly rely on my MINOX binoculars.

Thursday, 21.October 2010

MINOX BL 8x33 with Comfort Bridge (EN)

Very detailed review on the website of "The Best Binoculars & Binoculars Reviews"

Wednesday, 06.October 2010

MINOX BL 8x52 Comfort Bridge Binocular - Named Best of the Best by Field & Stream

Field & Stream Magazine awarded Best of the Best honors to the MINOX BL 8x52 Comfort Bridge binocular in their annual review of “Gear of the Year” for hunters and other active outdoorsmen. The announcement was made in their September issue.

Among the positive evaluations made by the testers, as reported by Tom McIntyre, was “The open-bridge design immediately fits the hand, and it's a welcome surprise to find 52mm objectives on a glass of this tolerable size and weight.” McIntyre also reported that “...its extreme light-gathering ability was, of course, also noted, as was the generous field of view.”

The review also noted, “And then there's the price. Realistically, it seems about two-thirds of what you'd expect to pay.”

Field & Stream, the leading magazine serving the outdoor market, has an audited circulation of 1,260,769, and reaches a total of more than 3,000,000 readers every month.

Sunday, 02.August 2009

Magazine Field Test Gives MINOX APO HG 10x42 and BL 10x42 a Very Favorable Review

Results of an independent field test by a major magazine have given very high marks to two MINOX binoculars.

In the category called “Great Glass, Part 1,” the MINOX APO HG 10x43 asph binocular was ranked first among the nine brands tested by Field & Stream Magazine, and it was described as “...in quality, strictly top of the heap,” reported in their August 2009 issue.

The second half of their study evaluated the performance of “mid-range” binoculars and the MINOX 10x42 BL ranked third, described as “...a great glass, small and light for its power.”

The six-page Field & Stream feature, titled CRYSTAL CLEAR, was based on the premise that, “Few hunting tools are as important – and misunderstood -- as binoculars. Our expert (David E. Petzal) tells you everything you need to know to get the right pair and explains why this is the golden age of glass.”

Thorsten Kortemeier, MINOX managing director, said,“Naturally, we are pleased with this evaluation; it serves to confirm that we are achieving our goal of producing the finest quality optics that are value priced. To have it confirmed by independent field tests, conducted by a prestigious national magazine, is very reassuring.”

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