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Friday, 11.July 2014

MINOX BL 8×44 HD Binocular Review

With their revamp of the BL Line to incorporate HD / ED glass elements in their optical design, Minox is aiming to bring premium grade, German-made optics to the masses at a much lower price point than you’d expect to pay for top tier binoculars. By and large they’ve done a very good job — the BL 8×44 HD is an excellent all-round binocular. Rugged and stylish, with an excellent finish and premium “feel” this is a very nice binocular indeed, and while optically it isn’t quite on a par with the big guns, it really isn’t very far behind them either.

Monday, 16.June 2014

MINOX BL 8x44 HD Binoculars Review

No matter whether it matters to you or not or indeed if it is good or bad, the fact is that more binoculars are being manufactured in China than ever before and increasingly you can now only find a relatively small number of the very finest and most expensive instruments being fully designed and manufactured in places like the US, Japan and the traditional European countries like Germany and Austria.

MINOX are proud of the fact that their BL Line (as well as most others) are fully designed and manufactured in Germany and that they are hand finished and undergo a rigorous quality control inspection before leaving the Wetzlar factory.

This level of detail and care is becoming increasingly rare, but what makes it even more unique is that they have been able to produce what they say is a premium quality binocular at what is a very competitive price, that is way below many similar products no matter where they are made.

So to see just how well they are made and indeed how they perform, I spent a couple of weeks using and testing the latest version of the MINOX BL 8x44 HD binoculars (No. 62048) and you can read my full review here:

Friday, 06.December 2013

Das MINOX BL 8x44 im Vergleichstest

Helle Freude und TEST Sieger

Das MINOX BL 8x44 BR ist ein Fernglas, das uns mit seiner Leistung und den Detail-Lösungen voll überzeugte: Das leicht strukturierte Material ist schön griffig, so dass man selbst mit nassen Händen nur schwer abrutscht.

Tuesday, 11.December 2012

County Deer Stalking - MINOX Binocular Review BL 8x44

In the past Minox have perhaps not been the first Brand to spring to the mind of UK Deer Stalkers when considering a pair of Binoculars however whether it be for Camera's, spotting scopes or Binoculars they have always had a reputation for quality.

It seems however that times may be changing with Minox now having set their sights firmly on the Field Sports and Deer Stalking market.

Not having reviewed a Minox product before but being aware of their reputation I was delighted when they offered to send me a pair of their 8x44 Binoculars from their BL range and more than a little excited at the prospect of giving them a try.

My first impressions of these Bino's were that they are remarkably light weight. Weighing only a little over 800g (strap and eye covers included) and being just 15cm in length they are very practical and easy to carry. Whilst this isn't the most important thing in a pair of Bino's it certainly does help, especially when already loaded down with a rifle, shooting sticks and all the other accoutrements that many deer stalkers tend to carry.

Tuesday, 30.October 2012

Built for Comfort - Birdwatch.co.uk Reviews the MINOX BL 8x33

MINOX's latest addition to its birding optics range is light, comfortable and certainly impressed Mike Alibone when he field tested the model.

There are some binoculars which feel instantly comfortable when you raise them to your eyes for the first time, and for me, the MINOX BL 8x33 is one of those models.

With its rather simple, unpatterned charcoal-coloured body and trademark notched eyecups, this small binocular is instantly recongnisable as a Minox product. It is one of a number of relatively new open-bridge models which form the basis of the manufacturerer's BL range. It weighs 650 g but feels lighter, with the thin layer of soft, non-slip rubber covering the polycarbonate body helping to keep the weight to a minimum, while lending an impression of solidity and durability.

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