Nissin Repair Service

MINOX USA is especially proud to be the exclusive representative for Nissin flashes in the USA. The exceptional value to performance flash brand offers a rare and understated blend of extraordinary features, quality and durabilitiy at a surprisingly affordable price. Thanks to the extremely thorough quality control procedures, Nissin flashes have proven to be particularly reliable even in the toughest of environments.

If you have registered your Nissin flash at our Nissin product registration site, you will gain the full benefits of our Nissin Two Year Full Coverage Warranty. This extraordinary plan provides protection against manufactures defects and functional failures that might occur within the two year warranty period. In the rare case where a technical problem might occur during this warranty period, please print out the form below and send it together with your proof of purchase and the flash to address below.

If you have not registered your flash yet, you can register it here.

Please note that the online registration must be completed within 30 days after the date of purchase to gain full benefits of the warranty.

If your warranty is no longer valid and you would like to receive a cost estimate to have your flash repaired, please print out the form below and send it together with your flash to MINOX USA Inc.

  P.O. Box 123
  Meriden, NH 03770

  Tel.: +1-866-469-3080 (in USA)
  Tel.: +1-603-287-4840 (from Canada)
  Fax: +1-603-469-3471

Download PDF here

  Important information concerning repair and
  service of Nissin Grey-Market products in the

  Please read this information before registering
  your NISSIN flash.

Download notice here

If you decide not to have your device repaired in accordance with our cost evaluation, we will charge a fee of $ 15.00 plus shipping and handling.

Visit the Nissin Digital product overview.