New: The THLR-Hybrid Reticle

From the end of May 2019, the new THLR Hybrid reticle will be available for the MINOX ZP5 5-25x56 riflescope.

The new Mrad-based reticle will offer a wide variety of universal applications.

Find out more details about the reticle here:


New: The MINOX RV 1 Red Dot Sight

The RV 1 is a red dot sight enclosed in a robust compact housing and is particularly suitable for driven hunts.

Being fast and successful when it matters. Without a defined eye distance, the target can be detected faster, safer, with both eyes and without disturbing wide frames. This makes the MINOX RV 1 especially suitable for hunting at short distances, as it always offers a full overview.


NEW: The MINOX NVD 650 Digital Night Vision Device with Recording Function

MINOX is presenting with the NVD 650 a new digital night vision device with a recording function. Featuring a 6x optical magnification, which can be digitally increased to 30x when needed, the large lens diameter of 50mm ensures high light-gathering capabilities that result in good resolution and image brightness.


New MINOX Distribution Partner for Canada

Beginning on July 1, 2018, GoBig Tactical located in Prince George B.C., will be the new and official distributor for MINOX products in Canada.

Mr. Tom Wamsteeker and his team will be pleased to answer any questions about the MINOX tactical riflescope assortement, as well as MINOX hunting products.


Software-Update for the DTC 550 ensures increased performance

MINOX has developed a new firmware For users of the DTC 550 surveillance camera. Click on the following link to find out just how easy it is to update your camera:

If you have questions regarding the procedures, please call +49 (0) 6441 – 917 683.


The MINOX DTC 550 Digital Trail Camera

MINOX will launch a new Digital Trail Camera at the 2017 British Shooting Show - the MINOX DTC 550.

Demand for trail cameras continues to grow as users discover new applications for the technology; in addition to the tradition observation of wildlife, trail cameras are increasing being used for domestic and commercial surveillance purposes. This latest addition to the MINOX DTC range features a newly designed intuitive guidance set-up menu that is quick and easy to use.



New! Compact and good to hold: The new MINOX BV 8x33 Binoculars with Comfort Bridge

For an even more comfortable handling and excellent grip when observing nature or out hunting MINOX has now added a new model to its proven BV binocular line with practical comfort bridge - the BV 8x33. Whether out hunting or observing nature the open design of the BV 8x33 permits secure, one-handed operation and allows more freedom to move so that the user has an excellent grip at all times, even under extreme conditions.


New MINOX DTC 390 Trail Camera: Ideal for all hunting, wildlife and property observation applications

The MINOX DTC 390 has a completely redesigned fast and easy-to-use set-up menu with intuitive guidance throughout.

This new, highly compact, entry-level camera is ideal for all applications including covert nature observation, the inspection of hunting grounds, for security surveillance of buildings and other private property.


New England Imaging Distribution Named New USA Distributor for Nissin Digital and Hedler System Lighting

New England Imaging Distribution has announced they are the new exclusive USA distributor for both Nissin Digital flashes and Hedler Systemlicht, effective November 1, 2016. They are a spin-off of MINOX USA, the distributor since 2009, which wants to focus now more on the sport optics market and other outdoor products.

“With NEID’s concentration on the marketing of imaging products, we are confident this new link will strengthen Nissin’s and Hedler’s position in the American photo products market,” said Bruce Michelsen, who continues as marketing and sales director for both in the United States. “We will have the same efficient staff that has served our customers so well the last seven years, operating in the same facility.”


Nissin’s Popular Di700A Flash Units Now Available for Fujifilm and Four Thirds Systems

With the growing popularity of the Fujifilm Cameras and the Micro Four Thirds Camera Systems, Nissin Digital has launched several new products to meet the demand for this emerging segment of the market. The popular Di700A and Air 1 Commander are now available for these two camera Systems.

“As with the other 700A products, these new flashes will be sold as a kit and individually,” said Bruce Michelsen, director of sales and marketing for New England Imaging Distribution (NEID), the new exclusive distributor for Nissin in America.

The other announcement is that Nissin’s Air 1 Commander also will be available as a stand-alone item for these two systems. The popular Di700A flash includes a built-in radio receiver, and the Air 1 Commander wirelessly controls the flash.

The Air 1 Commander will also work with the previously released i60A for Fujifilm and Micro Four Thirds Systems.

The Air 1 Commander has eight different radio channels to choose from in the event that there is interference on a given channel. It will control up to three groups of flashes; A, B and C. Multiple flashes can be set to each group. The Air 1 Commander can control the flashes in TTL or manual settings. It also allows the user to control the zoom head of the Di700A.

Retail prices: the Di700 Air for Fujifilm and for Micro Four Thirds, $259. The Kit for both, $299. The Nissin Air 1 Commander for both, $89.99. For more information about these new models and NEID, visit their web site coming soon; phone (603) 504-6317; or e-mail info@


Nissin i60A Ultra-Compact Flash Now Available for Micro Four Thirds and Fujifilm

After a successful introduction for use with Sony, the advanced i60A Nissin Flash is now available at select dealers for use with Micro Four Thirds and Fujifilm camera systems.


With the growing popularity of mirrorless cameras and professional compact cameras, Nissin meets the need with their new ultra-compact i60A flash. Distributed by MINOX USA, this palm-sized, high-powered 2.4 GHz wireless flash is light weight, approximately 10.8 oz. (300 grams).


Discreet and powerful! The New MINOX DTC 450 SLIM Trail Camera

Apart from focusing on nature observation and the observation of hunting grounds, trail cameras are becoming increasingly popular in the private sector. Whether in a game park or for the surveillance of private property, a well-camouflaged discreet camera is always essential. MINOX, Germany’s leading manufacturer of trail cameras now presents the new DTC 450 SLIM for absolutely discreet observation. With its unique slim design that measures just 2.7 cm in depth and its slightly curved housing contour in camouflage look, this camera allows an even more discreet observation. The DTC 450 is inconspicuous, intelligent and powerful. It is an extremely useful and reliable tool for use in places where surveillance was previously too difficult.


Hedler Introduces Two New Profilux LED Light Units

Two new innovative lighting developments, designed to meet the demands of entertainment and media professionals, have been introduced by Hedler Systemlicht – the Profilux LED1000 DMX and the LED 1000x DMX.


Nissin i60A Wins Coveted TIPA Award as Best Portable Flash

For the fourth year in a row, the Nissin Group has captured one of the prestigious TIPA Awards. The palm-size Nissin i60A was named the Best Portable Flash for 2016.

As mirrorless cameras and professional compact cameras have become more popular, Nissin meets the growing need for efficient compact flash units with their Nissin i60A. Distributed by MINOX USA, this high-power, 2.4 GHz wireless Nissin Air System compatible ultra-compact flash weighs only 10.8 oz. without batteries, making it the smallest and lightest in the high-power portable flash. It is available for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Four Thirds and Fujifilm systems.

Even with its compact size, the i60A delivers a high power output of 60GN at ISO 100, 200mm zoom head position, and you can connect it to an external power source to reduce the flash recycle time.

The TIPA Awards are renowned as the most influential and coveted awards for photo and imaging products around the world. Nissin’s previous TIPA winners were their MG8000 Extreme (2013), i40 Flash (2014) and Nissin Air System (2015).


Wildlife Camera MINOX DTC 700: extremely easy installation thanks to removable camera module

Besides being used to observe and research nature and hunting grounds, observation cameras are becoming more and more popular for the surveillance of private and commercial premises. MINOX is now extending its model range with the new DTC 700 that is quick and easy to install and simple to operate. The housing of the camera is firmly mounted just once. To evaluate the recordings or make various settings, the module inside the housing can be removed and then inserted again – any tricky installation and realigning of the camera after evaluation and adjustment is thus omitted!


Innovative new products for the SHOT Show 2016!

MINOX will be present again at the German joint stand during the SHOT Show in Las Vegas from January 19 - 22 and will be exhibiting new and innovative products such as the ZX rifle scope line, spotting scopes, binoculars and wildlife and observation cameras.

The Shot Show in Las Vegas is the most important trade show in the United States for firearms, hunting and shooting sports, where dealers can find out about the latest developments, trends, services and products within their fields of business. For more information visit


Convincing Performance: The new MINOX ZX5 riflescope line with 5x magnification

MINOX has yet again set new standards in precision, quality and reliability with its powerful riflescope models in the ZX5 product line. Developed in Wetzlar, these new ZX5 scopes are superbly designed to meet hunting requirements and also focus on the needs of shooting sports. Optionally available with and without illuminated reticle, these new ZX5 riflescopes are suitable for hunting even in deep twilight conditions and enable the user to concentrate faster on the target as well as reliably gain an overview for that decisive moment. The new ZX5 also stands out with its excellent price/performance ratio.


New Trail Camera MINOX DTC 1100 with 4G Function: Full Network Coverage and Easy Setup

Observation cameras are becoming more and more popular for observing and studying nature and hunting grounds, and also for the surveillance of houses, gardens, boats or company premises. To meet the increasing fields of application, MINOX is expanding its current range of game and observation cameras with the new model DTC 1100 featuring GSM and 4G functionality for an even better and future-orientated network coverage. The images captured are transferred quickly and directly to a stored cell phone number by MMS, or by mail to an e-mail address. The advantage being that the user can respond immediately to the situation from anywhere, and take any necessary action.


MINOX BF 8x42 and BF 10x42: The new entry-level, all-rounder from MINOX

All Sport Optics products from MINOX offer the highest quality and excellent price/performance ratio. With the new BF line MINOX once again proves that quality is affordable. The BF8x42 and BF10x42 models are highly versatile and feature many proven design features taken from the latest MINOX binoculars and spotting scopes. They are the perfect companions for lovers of the outdoors who, will find BFs the ideal partner for traveling, all outdoor-activities, bird-watching, field-sports or for observing fauna and flora.


Nissin Di700A Air Flash and Air 1 Commander Wireless System Now Available for Sony

The Nissin Sony Di700A Flash, in combination with the new Air 1 Commander to wirelessly control this new flash, is now shipping, it was announced by MINOX USA.

“After the successful introduction of the Canon and Nikon versions earlier this year, the addition of this Sony version with the new Sony MIS foot has been highly anticipated,” said Bruce Michelsen, director of sales and marketing for MIN0X USA, exclusive distributors of Nissin in America. “This now gives Sony users a simple and affordable way to get a Sony compatible radio flash system.”

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