MINOX DTC 400 SLIM: Measuring just 27 mm itís the flattest camera ever!

In the hunting and gamekeeping sector game and surveillance cameras are becoming increasingly important for checking and investigation purposes in nature observation and in game parks. For an even more discrete wildlife observation the optical specialist MINOX now presents its new MINOX DTC 400 SLIM. Featuring an extremely slim shape of just 2.7 cm in depth, a slightly curved contour that molds with the tree shape and a camouflage body this camera sets a new standard and permits even less conspicuous observation. Discrete, smart and powerful features characterize this highly convenient game camera and make it a reliable tool for the observation of wildlife and gamekeeping in any terrain.

The new MINOX DTC 400 SLIM has been fitted with a special Minoctar lens that offers practically distortion free shots. Every motion is captured rich in contrast and with pin-sharp definition. The DTC 400 SLIM delivers an outstanding imaging quality, during the day or at night, with sharp detail, high contrast and natural color rendition. Video recordings are in HD resolution and have a length of 10 to 60 seconds. The powerful infrared flash with its range of up to 15 meters produces reliable images even in unfavorable light or twilight conditions.

Thanks to the extremely short shutter delay of less than 1 second as well as a battery live of more than 6 months the DTC 400 SLIM is the ideal companion out in the field, and for property surveillance and personal safety.

All data are kept on an SD card and can be directly read from the integrated 2-inch monitor or can be transferred via a USB port. A padlock also protects the DTC 400 SLIM against theft.

The cameraís reliable technology is protected by a sturdy and weatherproof plastic body that keeps out water, dust, cold and heat.

The MINOX DTC 400 SLIM comes with a fixing strap as well as a USB cable and will be available at specialist dealers.