Wildlife Camera MINOX DTC 700: extremely easy installation thanks to removable camera module

Besides being used to observe and research nature and hunting grounds, observation cameras are becoming more and more popular for the surveillance of private and commercial premises. MINOX is now extending its model range with the new DTC 700 that is quick and easy to install and simple to operate. The housing of the camera is firmly mounted just once. To evaluate the recordings or make various settings, the module inside the housing can be removed and then inserted again any tricky installation and realigning of the camera after evaluation and adjustment is thus omitted!

The new MINOX DTC 700 is equipped with the special Minoctar lens as well as a powerful infrared flash that has a range of up to 15 meters. This guarantees reliable images even in unfavorable light or twilight conditions. A black filter fitted in front of the infrared flash means that the flash is invisible to people and animals alike and makes the new DTC 700 an extremely discrete tool for game parks as well as for safeguarding property and personal safety.

MINOX also offers the housing without the camera module as an accessory, several of which can be mounted at various locations. Once the housings are firmly mounted, the camera module can be used to conveniently monitor alternative locations without having to readjust the housings before each use. Furthermore, the housing serves to effectively protect the camera module against the penetration of water, dust, cold and heat.

The shutter delay of the new DTC 700 is less than one second or only 0.2 seconds if used with an external power source - and its battery life lasts more than 6 months. All recorded data are stored on a SD card and can be evaluated directly on the integrated 2 monitor or transferred to a PC using the USB port. With an integrated 9-volt port the DTC 7000 can also be conveniently connected to the power mains at any time e.g. on the outside of buildings.

Featuring an extremely compact and weatherproof plastic body, the inside of the camera is protected against the penetration of water, dust, cold and heat.