Discreet and powerful! The New MINOX DTC 450 SLIM Trail Camera

Apart from focusing on nature observation and the observation of hunting grounds, trail cameras are becoming increasingly popular in the private sector. Whether in a game park or for the surveillance of private property, a well-camouflaged discreet camera is always essential. MINOX, Germany’s leading manufacturer of trail cameras now presents the new DTC 450 SLIM for absolutely discreet observation. With its unique slim design that measures just 2.7 cm in depth and its slightly curved housing contour in camouflage look, this camera allows an even more discreet observation. The DTC 450 is inconspicuous, intelligent and powerful. It is an extremely useful and reliable tool for use in places where surveillance was previously too difficult.

With its excellent resolution of 12 megapixels, the new MINOX DTC 450 produces an outstanding image quality with sharp detail, high contrast and natural colour rendition. Video recordings are in HD resolution in lengths of 10 to 60 seconds. The powerful infrared flash with a range of up to 15 meters produces reliable images even in darkness or in twilight.

The newly designed shutter system of the DTC 450 SLIM ensures an absolutely noise-free shutter release. Thanks to its shutter delay of less than 1 second, a battery life of over 6 months as well as a multilingual menu, the DTC 450 SLIM is the ideal companion in hunting grounds, private property and for personal safety.

The integrated 2-inch front display permits convenient and easy setup and alignment of the camera. All data are stored on an SD card and can be read directly or transferred via USB port.

The camera’s reliable technology is protected by a sturdy and weatherproof polycarbonate housing that keeps out water, dust, cold and heat. The DTC 450 SLIM can be protected against theft using a padlock.