Supply Shortage of MINOX 8x11 Films

Supply of MINOX 8x11 films and repair service will be maintained

MINOX 8x11 camera owners will be able to continue photographing with their treasured collector’s item even in the future. Due to the ongoing negative trends in analogue photography, the growing shortage of film materials as a whole is directly influencing the production of MINOX 8x11 films. Despite these current supply shortages, MINOX will do its best to maintain its range of 8x11mm subminiature films. Currently, various alternative film materials are being analyzed to ensure a long-term supply of high-quality film materials. Finding a replacement may take some time however.

The sub-miniature camera is for MINOX as a brand, synonymous with miniaturization and precision built into the smallest amount of space. It is for this reason that MINOX will do everything possible to keep this unique camera system on the market. This not only includes supplying 8x11 film material, but also the ability to continue developing the films. Repair service for this system is also ensured at MINOX – as long as the appropriate spare parts for older models remain available.